Winter tyres required in Austria

winter tyres

Winter tyres required in Austria

Driving to Austria:

When the sun comes out and the temperatures start to is always difficult to decide..should I change my tyres or wait for a bit longer… aware the rules say you need to have winter tyres on your car from 1st November until 15th April !!! I found out the hard way, when I changed to summer tyres a week early…then there was a snow storm…and yes, I slid of the road into a forest and was lucky not to be seriously injured, and my car was not best pleased with the damage.

Then it is onto Summer tyres from 15th April until 31st October…..of course you can keep your winter tyres on for the summer, if the tread is getting low and you are going to replace them the following winter. BUT, no summer tyres whatever in the Winter!

Also, the law is similar in Germany for Winter tyres, so it is not just matter of getting tyres on for Austria, if you are driving across Europe to the Alps!

Just consider, if you have an accident…the most frequent is sliding into the car in front. Your insurance will be invalidated as your car is not technically road legal ! So it is not worth taking a chance and ending up with a large repair bill for your car and the one in front!

All car owners in Austria have two sets of wheels, one set with Summer tyres and one set with Winter tyres.

What other laws should you be aware of? Speeding, a new law came into force as from 1st Sept 2021 with higher fines…upto €5000 in extreme cases.

Drive safe, beware of mobile speed traps and enjoy your time in Austria

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