Will Vienna stick to the mask requirement?

will vienna change rules

Will Vienna stick to the mask requirement?

While the federal government announced the masks-off ruling today, Vienna could again rely on stricter rules.

Corona protections will be largely rolled back. The mask obligation, which is currently still in force in vital trade and in public transport, will be suspended from June 1 for three months for the time being; it will remain in place in hospitals and homes. In addition, the vaccination obligation remains suspended over the summer. This was announced by Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) and Constitutional Minister Karoline Edtstadler (ÖVP) at a press conference on Tuesday.

Originally, the FFP2 obligation should have applied until the beginning of July – as the health minister had only recently reiterated. “The epidemiological situation has changed since then and I’m not someone who has to frantically hold on to something.” There had also been talks with all the regional health councils, Rauch said. He expects the mask phase-out to be nationwide, but how the states carry it out is up to them, he said, adding that he “can’t rule on it.” Mouth-nose protection, for example in public transport, is being discussed in isolated cases.

Stricter rules in Vienna?

In Vienna, Mayor Michael Ludwig has convened the crisis team to discuss such a mouth-nose protection in public transport. “This is now to evaluate the situation for Vienna. Based on its assessment, we will make a decision for Vienna, which we will communicate promptly,” Ludwig said on Twitter.

Source: OE24


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