Will there be access tests for going shopping?

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Will there be access tests for going shopping?

Will there be access tests for going shopping?

The opposition wants to delay a change in the law until June. Whether a mandatory test for customers would nevertheless be permissible is disputed.

There should be access tests in non-vital trade in eastern Austria between April 7 and 10th. After the short lockdown from April 1 to 6th –  “Easter break” – At any rate, this is what the government as well as the governors announced after the Eastern Summit at the beginning of this week.

As with the failed plans for “free testing” from the third lockdown in January, it could remain just an announcement. The regulation of such a test obligation for customers, there is according to the Ministry of Health at the moment still no legal basis. The amendment, which is to change that, was decided on Thursday in the National Council by the turquoise-green government factions, but still needs an approval in the Bundesrat next Tuesday. 

There, however, the opposition parties together only have a razor-thin majority of 31 to 30 votes. Although they cannot prevent the amendment from coming into force, they can at least delay it by up to eight weeks – and so, well beyond April 7.

Switching to online trading

The FPÖ is already in fundamental opposition when it comes to Corona restrictions. The Neos could help the government with its only mandatary in the Bundesrat, but that will not happen, as the pink health spokesman Gerald Loacker.  This is mainly because the amendment softens the criteria for imposing exit restrictions – an increase in power, for Anschober from Ministry of Health, that the Neos reject.

But Loacker also has little to gain from the access tests in retail: “I don’t think you’ll get people to get tested more that way. You can also order books or clothes online. Many will move their purchases to the Internet instead of getting tested for retail.” Loacker believes that access tests make sense as a test incentive when it comes to experiences for which one cannot switch to the Internet, and mentions a visit to a soccer stadium or theatre, for example.

Source: Der Standard

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