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What type of weddings are possible in Austria

If you want to get married in Austria, you will need to pay attention to the legalities because the only legal marriages are civil ceremonies. Therefore, it is only once the civil ceremony is complete that couples can host a different type of wedding ceremony. This is the time to choose the venue in the village or city of your choice. There are Palaces, Castles and other famous buildings. But be aware, that only official registrars can officiate civil ceremonies.

Because Austrian society retains it’s religious roots, church weddings conducted by a priest are popular and very much the norm.

However, given the stunning natural surroundings that are widely available in Austria, outdoor weddings are also popular.

Wedding traditions and customs in Austria

There are plenty of wedding customs and traditions to consider in Austria. Some of these will be familiar to us all. Think about the wedding dress shopping with friends and relatives, and also having the father walk the bride down the aisle. Other customs are a little more unique. 

Separate rooms

For instance, usually, the bride and groom spend the night apart, and there is a good reason for this in Austria. On her wedding day, a bride often wakes to a three-shot gun salute or some loud music. This protects her from evil spirits and marks a new chapter in her life. Austrian brides are also kidnapped before the wedding and her groom has to track her down to prove he deserves to marry her.

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There are over 40 venues in Austria to choose from. Austria is home to over 300 lakes, and there is no doubt that you will find a lakeside villa or a resort to fall in love with. Pick a castle, a luxury hotel, or a palace that offers a luxurious lakeview for your micro wedding. There are plenty of them in Salzburg, Carinthia, Linz, and Vienna!