Most lakes in Austria have good facilities for Water ski and paddle board hire.

Water ski on the lakes-photo pixabay
Paddle Boarding on the Lakes – photo pixabay

A really exciting new concept is the River Wave created on the river Traun at Ebensee Upper Austria. This river runs into the Lake and the artificial wave machine has been installed to give all those who love surfing an experience that would normally only be available at the coast in the ocean!! On a width of 10 meters, the artificially constructed branch of the river Traun creates a river wave that is unparalleled. Now that is something to add to your to do list.

so water ski paddle board!

River Wave surfing Austria -photo – pixabay – fotoemotions

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Legend of Ox

The intention of „Legend of Ox“ is to connect people through sport. Imgine the enjoyment of the open air, the lake, the paddleboard under your feet…yes, a feeling of freedom.
Stand up paddling is for everybody!
Experience unique nature combined with unique races!
No matter if you´re a beginner or pro, or competing in the short track or long distance race. Everybody can prove themselves to be a true legend. so water ski paddle board

Board Paddling lakes – photo pixabay

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The Ochsenkreuz

The „Ochsenkreuz“ is the only island in Lake Wolfgang and surrounded by an ancient legend. The key message of this legend is that no matter how hopeless a situation might seem, it will always turn out to be alright.
This myth can be seen as an example that by never giving up, you can be a role model for others. so water ski paddle board

Team building board paddling – photo pixabay

Getting to Austria

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