Understanding Austria politics!

Austria Flag sign

Understanding Austria politics!

Understanding Austrian politics can be confusing.  Unlike the UK, where it seems that the 3 main parties are all there is to choose from. In Austrian there are so many.!


The recent elections in Salzburg were a case in point. The Austrian communist party seem sto be on the rise. Obviously this worries many of the other political parties.

 The Austrian Communist Party made huge gains in Sunday’s regional elections in Salzburg, entering the state parliament for the first time since 1949, with a campaign promising to tackle the region’s housing crisis. Last year communist politician Elke Kahr was elected mayor of Graz by campaigning on the same issues; Sunday’s results suggest the party could also win big in next year’s mayoral elections in Salzburg.

We have included a link to Politpro.  This is a very good website that explains, in English, what each political party stands for. Have a read and enjoy..there is even a Beer party!!

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