Testimonials from our clients

Client Testimonials & Comments

This page is for our clients comments, their feedback and opinions of our services.

It is never easy making the decision to purchase a property overseas..whether it is the mediterranean or the alps!
Many of our clients have over the years found and bought their ideal holiday home, business or retirement home. They have been sending us testimonials.
We of course, being a small business are always busy with our clients dashing between UK and Austria. We never seemed to get around to publishing these positive comments…even though our happy clients kept nagging us to do so!!
So, here we go..finally getting around to publishing some comments..
We hope that some of their testimonials and their experience of purchasing in Austria, will help those considering the same.

We will be loading more of the testimonials over the coming weeks.

From A.Robson – Scotland. – bought in Molltal valley
After many visits to Austria to view properties, we finally found a lovely wee house near Lienz, well we found it on the Internet and that’s where Justin from amazing Austria stepped in! I’d met Justin many months before viewing various houses, let’s say he has tremendous patience!

Renovation hose Mortschach

But, when you’re buying a place abroad, you want it to be right!
Not being able to fly over at short notice, Justin was able to pop down and give me a heads up on things, real time pictures sent immediately via email and relavant information passed so that I was able to decide to go check it out or not.
The technical details certainly need that knowledge of the Austrian system and language to smooth the purchase so that all I had to worry about was time off work!

Let’s say I bought a place needing work! However that’s exactly what I wanted, it’s ongoing and exciting, my neighbour is a field away and every time I visit asks me over for beer and a sottish/austrian gab! The people could not be nicer, in less than a year of back and forward I have made so many new friends and sinking into that lovely slow pace of village life is exactly what I was looking for.

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