Lake Wolfgangsee St Gilgen
Lake Wolfgang click pic for live webcam

Tempted by the idea of an incentive or event in Austria?

For some Austrian temptation, click on the Lake Photo web cam before deciding your next group event or staff incentive!

What better way to incentivise your staff to become the best team they can be!

Your staff work hard to make sure the company/business is successful, but it can often benefit the company to bring all their staff together in a group team building exercise. Not only do they get to know each other better, but also they get to know their company structure better. This leads to a feeling of belonging.

Team building and incentives
Brainstorming & Team Building – photo-pixabay

Team Building, events & Incentives

Getting to Austria

You can fly, take the train or the bus!

What ever ideas for your business or group event, Austria can offer so much, even the possibility to rent an Austrian village for your corporate event.

Tempted by White water rafting, Para gliding, Mountain biking or climbing, Ski-ing or a Toboggan race for your group….our Austria activities give you more choices. Tempted – Temptation is Austria

Team building management group – photo-pixabay

What better way to get people working together for the good of all, when under the pressure of a wild river rafting experience. Each person is responsible for their friends. A silly move can cause a capsize! Tempted – Temptation is Austria

Kayaking in Austria
Individual or group Kayaking Experience – photo-pixabay

Tempted by flying like a bird?

Para Gliding – photo-pixabay

Tempted by extreme mountain biking?

Mountain biking
Mountain Biking in the snow – photo-pixabay

Tempted to scuba dive in the crystal clear lakes?

Tempted austria

Tempted to get married in Austria?

Experiences in Austria
Image- Pixabay

Tempted – Temptation is Austria – Yes, quite a temptation as Austria does not require you to stay in the country for a certain length of time before getting married.

Check out our Weddings in Austria page for more details.

Even if there is not the possibility for this year to incentivise your staff with a team trip, there is always the simple thank you. Perhaps a few bottles of their favourite wine or beer.

The ideal road trip for small groups would be a Camper van. Check out Tui camper vans. They operate worldwide.

Tempted for an Austrian property as a holiday home or main residence

check our property website

Amazing Austria