Austria Swimming Pools to re-open end of May

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Austria Swimming Pools to re-open end of May

It took a long time, but recently the bathing guidelines for the opening of the Public swimming pools becomes available from May 29th.

The Austrians love their outdoor swimming and sun bathing….who would not after a long winter?  So the regulation guidelines was greeted with some smiles. There had been the thought that the Public pools might not re-open until July!!

The regulations provides for ten square meters of lounging space per person in outdoor pools and surface water pools. In a first draft, there was still talk of 20 square meters per person swimming.  In the outdoor pool itself, a warning about minimum distances of two meters between the bathers is requested.

In indoor swimming pools, ten square meters of lounging area per person – or specifically six square meters of water area per person in the pool. According to the recommendations of, the distance rules do not apply to people living in a common household – whether in the pool or in open spaces.

The maximum number of people who may be in the water at the same time should be signposted around the pool – “with reference to the rule of one to two meters between bathers”, as it is said. The basis for calculation is at least six square meters per person.

Although Saunas will also re-open, but there are difficult rules to follow because of any social distancing, also the steam and heat, airborne virus and bacteria is more likely. It is also not resonable to use a mask, a there is no proof this would be beneficial in such an atmosphere as steam rooms and saunas.  the advice is not perfect as infection risk is higher….so perhaps this is the end of the public sauna?  #amazingaustria

Source: Der Standard

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