SUV’s consume more energy.

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SUV’s consume more energy.

Share of SUVs in new car registrations at record high in 2022

SUV’s consume more energy than Conventional cars.

The Austrian Transport Club  which advocates for an ecologically compatible, economically efficient and socially acceptable transport system, pointed out that SUVs consume more energy than comparable conventional models. The real-world consumption of plug-in hybrids is also five times higher than manufacturers’ claims, it warns.

Citing a study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) and the Fraunhofer Institute which stated. “In view of the worsening climate crisis, it demands subsidies for vehicles must take much greater account of the energy consumption of passenger cars than has been the case to so far,”

The energy consumption of SUVs is higher than that of comparable conventional passenger cars. Even compact SUVs require more energy than comparable conventional models. Every second new SUV runs exclusively on diesel or gasoline. According to Transport club, one in ten is a plug-in hybrid, the purchase of which was subsidized. “Subsidies for plug-in hybrids contradict the goal of reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption of the car fleet,” criticizes expert Lina Mosshammer from Transport club .

The highest SUV share among new cars was recorded in the Austrian Carinthian district of Hermagor with 56.2 percent, 150 units in absolute figures. All-wheel drive pays off there more often than in the lowlands. There is currently around 30 centimeters of snow in the valley!

Story Source: Der Standard newspaper

Photo. Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

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