Storm brewing about virus cover-up at Ischgl

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Storm brewing about virus cover-up at Ischgl

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, there have been many arguments about ski villages and guests. The cause for concern was letting skiers return to their home countries, freely from the Tirol.  Was this the intial cause of the virus spread in northern Europe??

This is a current report on the situation.

The current government ruling party does not say a bad word about the party’s friends in Tyrol

From the virus spreader in Ischgl Bar it is known that employees with “flu-like symptoms” mingled with the number of guests as early as February and that not only the Icelandic authorities but also the Danish authorities urgently asked what was going on in Tyrol at the beginning of March?  the answer from local authorities….medical reasons unlikely!

But the ruling government party does not say a bad word about the party’s friends in Tyrol (Chancellor Kurz even went to German TV and the fake news, that Munich could be the source of the virus ??

On the other hand, the government are incomprehensible for the pious concern expressed about the corona management in Vienna. Here too fake news. Interior Minister Nehammer says that only Vienna refuses to help the police with contact tracing of suspected cases. But six other states do the same!!  So the politcal storm is brewing and will not go away until there are answers.

Then came Susanne Raab, Minister of Integration, from whom one had heard something about integration when she reported with the immensely important information that despite corona masks the ban on veiling continued to apply?

So that only a mental connection between “asylum seeker and coronavirus” is established, Raab now urges better management of the Vienna asylum homes. Government staging at its best…perhaps?

Source: Der Standard

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