Diving on Lake Attersee

Scuba diving Austrian lakes.

Embedded in an enchanting, diverse landscape is Lake Attersee, the largest body of water in Austria.

The clear drinking-water of Lake Attersee allows you to see up to 25 meters. With a surface area of around 48 km2 and a length of 23 km, Lake Attersee is the “Hot Spot” for all diving fans in Austria.

With numerous scuba diving zones and interesting places to dive, the lake is a suitable sport region for beginners, advanced sport divers, as well as children.

Lake diving photo – pixabay

Wreck Diving for Curiosities:

What is a concrete submarine doing here?

Scuba diving Austrian lakes – Imagine going diving, but instead of finding corals, you come across a wooden outhouse with a heart hole door, a bathtub, and an Austrian car from the 1930s.

If this is the situation in which you find yourself, you can place your bets on being out and about in Lake Attersee. Those who don an oxygen tank here can marvel at prehistoric lake dwellings (a UNESCO World Heritage Site!) It is complete with underwater information boards, just as one would see in a museum.

At the same time, there are also curious relics waiting to be discovered, above all, a sunken submarine. The submarine, however, doesn’t date back to wartime, but was built in the 1990s by a private inventor. It was a prototype for a luxury underwater yacht innovatively made out of concrete. Years later, when its constructor emigrated to South America, the submarine was left behind to stay swimming in the lake. For reasons unknown, it sank, and in doing so became a sight worth seeing for divers.

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Winter diving

Scuba diving photo- Pixabay

Perfect visibility of up to 30 metres and absolute silence – diving in winter seems exotic to many, but it is becoming more and more popular. Ice diving is one of the greatest challenges divers can face: The thrill of not being able to surface at any time.

Ice-cold water and still not freezing. With the right equipment suitable for cold water and a dry suit, anyone can enjoy the special features of winter diving. Dry suit diving is demanding, offers a completely new buoyancy experience and the right way to use it should be learned in a special course.

Most of the Austrian lakes have access to oxygen tank re-fill stations.

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