Return of the Mask!

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Return of the Mask!

The Corona traffic light system is not yet in operation – but new infections are making the country red!

Every day, new clusters pop up all over the country. On Friday it was to St. Wolfgang in Upper Austria (now 70 Corona Falls), the Tyrolean mountain resort of Kleinarl, where an inn with 8 cases had to close.

A total of 1,654 are currently ill, 175 new infections alone were reported by the Interior Ministry on Friday. The highest number since April 11th. The biggest increase – 78 – was in Vienna, followed by Upper and Lower Austria. Hotspots here are the districts of Gmunden (St. Wolfgang), Linz-Stadt and Perg. Only in 10 of 94 districts were there no new cases.

What happens there? Is the second wave rolling? Health Minister Rudi Anschober did not announce any new bans and bids on Friday, such as the requirement to wear a mask in baths. He prefers to appeal to the boys – who make up the majority of those infected – to refrain from celebrating Corona.

Comparison with June.

AUSTRIA compared yesterday to June 30th – at that time, the number of daily new infections exceeded the 100 mark for the first time since April. And the corona traffic light shone green almost everywhere – only in Vienna and in eight other districts was it yellow.

Since then, the authorities have been feverishly trying to identify clusters and isolate infected people. But the numbers are increasing day by day – now everyone hopes that the mask requirement in retailers shops will at least dampen the curve of the virus somewhat.

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