Police patrol shopping malls.

Police patrol shops

Police patrol shopping malls.

Corona controls will be greatly intensified.

The government fights the Omikron variant with three packages of measures. In addition to the reorganization of the quarantine regulations and extension of the FFP2 mask obligation, the police controls are also intensified.

Minister of the Interior Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) has given new instructions to the executive: “We will further increase the control pressure starting tomorrow,” he stated today, Monday . This action is against vaccination refusers according to the department head but also as ‘action fairness’ for the vast majority of the population to see.

Shortly before his press appearance, the new concept was defined at a meeting with state representatives. The emphasis of the controls, is to lie in catering trade, trade and routistic Hotspots, explains Karner further. There is “great resentment there about a few who do not comply with the measures.”

The pillars of the new police controls

On-call units and additional day and night patrols will be mobilized in all districts and will now exclusively carry out Corona checks. The officers of the police inspectorates will also check ALL establishments on their way in the course of their patrol duty, says the General Director of Public Security Franz Ruf.

Source & Photo: Heute

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