people trafficker in accident- 3 dead and 17 injured

3 dead 17 injured

people trafficker in accident- 3 dead and 17 injured

After the serious accident with a towing vehicle on Saturday on the northeast highway (A6) near Kittsee in Burgenland, the driver when arrested afterwards confessed to the accident. In an interrogation, he stated that he had panicked in the face of the police check and had fled. Then he landed with the van in the ditch.

On Saturday, a suspected trafficker had caused an accident with three dead and 17 injured refugees on the A6, whilst fleeing from a police check. The thirty-year-old Russian was arrested and remanded in custody at Eisenstadt Prison. The man, who has a French residence permit, is being investigated for trafficking in a criminal organization as well as multiple counts of gross negligent homicide and bodily injury under particularly dangerous circumstances.

As a spokeswoman for the Eisenstadt prosecutor’s office told APA on Wednesday, the driver testified that he noticed police crossing the border and panicked. He accelerated his vehicle, was chased by the officers and ended up in a ditch as he fled. “He does not deny that he is the driver,” the spokeswoman said. A cell phone was also seized from him, which is now being analyzed. From the data, investigators hope to get more information on the towing. The injured migrants will also be questioned.

From the migrants, one hopes to get the identities of the deceased – two men and a woman. The three autopsies have already been completed, and it is now certain that they were killed in the accident. “They had an intact circulation before the accident. There were no signs of asphyxiation,” all injuries are due to the accident, the prosecutor explained. One of the two men is believed to have been “very young” and the woman “middle-aged,” but the exact age is not yet known. All three people died at the scene of the accident, two before the arrival of rescue workers.

Source: SN – APA

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