One dead and one seriously injured by fireworks!

One dead

One dead and one seriously injured by fireworks!

One dead and one seriously injured by fireworks in the district of Baden

A 23-year-old man came too close to a ball bomb and died. Accidents with injuries also occurred in other federal states.

On New Year’s Eve, there have been several accidents with fireworks. A young man was killed in the Baden district shortly after midnight when pyro objects were set off, and another was seriously injured. The two had met with about eight other people on a meadow in the municipal area of Klausen-Leopoldsdorf to celebrate New Year’s Eve. So-called bullet bombs were detonated in the process.

Because one of the bombs did not ignite immediately, four people approached the firecracker when it exploded. A 23-year-old from the district was fatally injured. A 21-year-old suffered serious injuries, and a 19-year-old and another male sustained minor injuries, police, who were alerted around 0:30 a.m., reported in a statement. The injured were taken to nearby hospitals after being treated by rescue workers.

The exploded ball bomb was a category F4 firecracker, as a police spokesman said on New Year’s Day at APA request. Whether the 23-year-old had the required proof of expertise was the subject of further investigation, according to the spokesman. On the spot were officers of the criminal investigation department of the district and staff of the police inspection Alland. A police explosives expert was entrusted with the investigation of the pyrotechnic objects.

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