Offical draft of mandatory vaccination law!

Mandatory vaccination

Offical draft of mandatory vaccination law!

Official draft of mandatory vaccination law:

The law is to be in force until January 2024. There should be a penalty for doctors who issue certificates of convenience, Up to 3,600 euros fine, even for doctors with a certificate of convenience

Obviously, unity is the order of the day when it comes to compulsory vaccination. This also became clear during the presentation of the key points by Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens). “It was important that the opposition is involved,”. “We now need solidarity from everyone in this country. The joint work on the content of the new law gives me confidence that we can get out of the pandemic together,” saying that the virus has no party politics.

According to Mückstein, the compulsory vaccination will apply from the age of 14, the exceptions remain the known ones – i.e. for pregnant women, those who have recovered (for 180 days) and for those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.

As far as fines are concerned, on the one hand there should be abbreviated procedures with a maximum penalty of 600 euros. If proper proceedings are initiated – for example if the fine is not paid – the penalty increases to up to 3,600 euros. A penalty can be imposed every three months, there should be no substitute imprisonment!!

In addition, an end date for the mandatory vaccination was communicated: The law is to apply until the end of January 2024.

Source APA – Der standard

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