Non Austrians increase the population.

Austria population increase

Non Austrians increase the population.

Austria’s population has grown to almost 9 million!

Burgenland, Vienna and Vorarlberg are growing the most. But, without people who have non-Austrian citizenship, the population would have shrunk.

“Austria continues to grow,” said Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas. It is expected to reach the nine-million mark in the next few years. “Currently, we see the strongest growth in eastern Austria around Vienna, but also in Burgenland and Vorarlberg.”

According to Thomas, population growth is driven exclusively by people with non-Austrian citizenship: “Without them, Austria would not have grown in 2020, but would have shrunk by 0.17 percent.”
Burgenland at the top

According to the preliminarystatisics results, a total of 1,531,262 people with foreign citizenship lived in Austria on January 1 , 2021. The share of foreign nationals in the total population increased from 16.7 percent on January 1, 2020, to 17.1 percent on January 1, 2021. Over the course of 2020, the number of foreign nationals increased by 45,039 people (plus 3.03 percent), while at the same time the number of Austrian nationals declined (minus 12,757 people or minus 0.17 percent).

More than four-fifths of the increase in foreign nationals was accounted for by EU citizens, while only about 18 percent were third-country nationals. The increase was particularly strong among German (plus 8,774 persons) and Romanian nationals (plus 8,329), who were also the two largest nationalities in Austria.

Source + photo: Der standard

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