Madness – Romanian buys lake Bathing hut -€755,000!!!

Madness lake bathing hut

Madness – Romanian buys lake Bathing hut -€755,000!!!

Looks like a dog house, as expensive as a villa! a shack costs €755,000

The Austrian lakes have always commanded a high price and the residents of St. Gilgen in Salzburgland have already experienced a lot of craziness when it comes to the “silly prices” for bathing places and properties on Lake Wolfgang. But what has happened now they call “madness”.

For a 12-square-meter shack, a Romanian offered a whopping 755,000 euros at the public auction.

More than three quarters of a million for a bathing hut without electricity, water and sewer. For a den without your own property. The area is owned by the Federal Forests commission, the usage contract is currently limited to 2024.

Nevertheless, a number of interested parties took part in the auction – an ex-state councillor, the family of a professional footballer. But at 600,000 euros, the last interested party got out, only the apparently wealthy Romanian remained.

But it seems  a permit for a new building in place of the wobbly bathing hut is available. It will probably be the most expensive bathing place in the Austrian republic.

Source: OE24

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