Living in the Austrian countryside

Austria countryside

Living in the Austrian countryside

Living in the country: What do you appreciate, what don’t you?

Especially in the summer, many people want to live far away from the conurbations. There are also numerous other advantages, but also downsides, to living in the country. What are they for you?

Getting out of the city, or not getting in at all – for many people, life in the countryside represents the ideal form of living. Especially during the early years of the Corona pandemic, many decided to turn their backs on the city and move to the country. Others have always appreciated the advantages. More greenery, peace and quiet, good air and fewer people in a confined space – these and other reasons speak in favor of living in the country. Depending on where you live, the cost of living and rents are also many times cheaper than in larger cities. Family planning also often plays a role when it comes to the question of city or country.

The idyllic countryside promises many things, and yet: those who live there are usually also aware of the downsides. For many people, for example, owning a car is indispensable for getting from A to B. Public transportation is not available everywhere. This is because public transportation is not well developed everywhere, nor can it really be used sensibly. In general, the distances are usually longer – whether to the nearest supermarket, to work, to medical care provided by doctors or hospitals, or to cultural institutions such as theaters or cinemas. The situation is similar for schools or kindergartens. Depending on where you live in the country, there is sometimes a very limited range of services.

The choice is yours, as there is plenty of properties to choose from in Austria.

Source: Der Standard

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