Lake dries up: Fish relocated to other ponds

Lkae dries up

Lake dries up: Fish relocated to other ponds

Lake dries up: Fish relocated to other lakes

The Zicksee lake in Burgenland is drying up: Fish had to be relocated.

The persistent heat is causing the Zicksee lake in Burgenland’s Seewinkel region to dry up. In order to save the fish living in it, Mayor Andreas Sattler (ÖVP) from St. Andrä has therefore asked sport fishermen from the surrounding area to fish it out. The fish were relocated to surrounding ponds. About 30 tons should be fished out of the water, which is only about 20 centimetres deep.

Nevertheless, several fish have already died.

 At a temperature of over 30 degrees, the water depth drops by one centimetre every day. At Zicksee, the doping with groundwater had to be stopped at the beginning of June. “The municipality is allowed to dope a certain amount. When a certain groundwater level is reached, we have to shut down,” Sattler explained in an interview with APA on Tuesday. This was reached in June and the forecast now coincided with the current status, he said. Of the approximately 120-hectare area, only about half is currently available,

Sattler estimates. A total of 30 tonnes of fish to be relocated

By Monday afternoon, three tonnes of fish had already been fished out, and a total of about twenty to thirty tonnes should be in the lake according to Christoph Pölzer, fisheries supervisor for the Zicksee. These were mainly carp.   Pike-perch and pike have already died, which are more sensitive, according to Pölzer.

The creatures were taken out of the lake with nets and landing nets by the sport fishermen from the region and then relocated to surrounding artificial dredging ponds. The water in the still existing Zicksee is very turbid, they are now observing where something is still stirring and will try to save any fish, explained Mayor Sattler.

Source: OE24

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