Italy threatens to close border with Austria

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Italy threatens to close border with Austria

Salvini wants to close border with Austria

Salvinis Lega harshly criticizes the Austrian government: “There is no point in forcing Italians to lockdown for almost three months if we now allow the virus to be imported from other countries.”

Italy’s oppositional Lega accuses the government in Rome of undertaking little to prevent Covid carriers from entering Italy from abroad. The party of Matteo Salvini explicitly referred to the situation in Austria.

“The number of contagions is growing in Austria. The same applies to the Balkans, but buses and trucks still drive to Italy’s highways and arrive in Italy. It makes no sense for Italians to follow such restrictive measures against the pandemic for almost three months force if we now allow the virus to be imported from other countries, “criticized Lega Senator Roberto Calderoli.

Of the 28 new cases of infection reported in the Veneto region in northern Italy in the past few days, 15 would affect foreign citizens. “This is not about racism, but about public health,” said Venetian President Luca Zaia on Tuesday. In any case, 28 cases of infection in view of five million citizens in the region are a low number.

Current situation: More than 1,000 active infected people in Austria again
So far there have been 18,365 positive test results in Austria. As of today (July 6, 2020, 9:30 a.m.), 706 people across Austria have died of the consequences of the Corona virus and 16,647 have recovered. There are currently 78 people in hospital treatment for the Corona virus, including 10 of them in intensive care units.

The case of an Austrian tourist, who had spent a holiday in Jesolo and was subsequently tested positive for the corona virus, caused a sensation in Veneto. The woman had been in Italy from June 26-30 with her husband and twelve-year-old son. When returning from vacation in Italy,
the woman tested positive for the corona virus. There was no information about the origin of the vacationer in Austria. It is still unclear where the woman could have been infected. It is not excluded that the Austrian was already infected before she traveled to Italy.

Source: OE24

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