Big Changes for Holiday Letting

Big Changes for Holiday Letting

Big Change in rules for holiday letting of apartments!

Austria’s system of property purchase can be confusing at the best of times..but with recent court rulings,. it has become even more difficult to buy the property to suit your desire for an overseas home..

It has been recently reported in Der Standard Newspaper, that the high court had ruled that Holiday letting was detrimental to home life of residents in an apartment building.  So even if you have a designation of Second Holiday home…it does not mean you can rent it for short stays.  The court ruled that any stay between 2 – 28 days was a holiday let.

It means that if you want to rent your holiday apartment, you need the written permission of all other owners in the building. If one resident in an apartment building is against such letting, then you cannot do so.  You can still have as your holiday home for friends and family but not commercial letting.

What can we advise?,..well this is difficult, until some resident makes a complaint to an Austrian Lawyer or/ and until someone challenges it in the European court, perhaps under human rights law, we would advise to only buy into an apartment if you want purely for your own and family use.  If you want for an investment, we would advise buying a holiday home…a house with no other residents!!  We have many on our pages that are cheaper than an apartment in the overpriced Salzburg, Tirol and Vorarlberg areas.

The other possibility is to buy a house with Friends and Family…this way you are in total control. .

We will be adding to this information as an when we get more clarification.

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