German border bans against Tyrol lead to a scandal.

Germany bans at border

German border bans against Tyrol lead to a scandal.

Despite 2,906 new infections, as of today, in Austria, EU health ministers remain divided on Astra Zeneca vaccine.

German border bans against Tyrol lead to a scandal. Vienna even summons the ambassadors.


With strict border management, Germany wants to prevent the spread of the South African mutation from Tyrol to Bavaria. Only “system-relevant commuters” from Tyrol are allowed into Bavaria; they must have their employment contract with them by Tuesday and show it at the border. By Tuesday, Bavaria will define which companies are system-relevant, and the commuters will then have to carry the certificate with them from Wednesday.

It is also not possible to drive through the small German corner of Tyrol without stopping. Anyone who wants to travel from Tyrol to Salzburg or Vienna will now have to take “wide-ranging” evasive action:

Nehammer rages.

This hard-hitting regulation caused the border dispute between Germany and Austria to escalate: “The de facto blocking of the large and small German corner for Austrians is absolutely unacceptable. Bavaria’s measure is half-baked and only causes chaos,” raged Interior Minister Karl Nehammer.
Minister on the border stop: “Triggers chaos”.


Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg called for “moderation and purpose” and warned against “excessive steps”. He summoned the German and Italian ambassadors to the Foreign Ministry in Vienna for talks.


Truck transit traffic is exempt from the ban. However, drivers coming from Italy, for example, have to be tested for Corona in advance. Environmentalists like Fritz Gurgiser of the Transit Forum Austria now fear a “traffic mega-GAU” for Tyrol.

Control. Due to the Sunday driving ban, the waiting times were still manageable yesterday. Today, however, 7,000 trucks are rolling from Italy to Bavaria via the Inntal motorway: “Mega traffic jams are imminent,” says Gurgiser.

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