Furnishing Your Austrian Property

Furnishing your Austrian Property.

Furnishing your Austrian property

Lounge furniture

Furnishing your Austrian property? Once you have bought your apartment or house, unless furniture was included with the purchase, then you need to consider buying some new furniture….or maybe the old furniture is in need of being thrown out and replaced with new.

Something to remember with old furniture…most of the local re-cycling units in Austria charge to dispose of old furniture, particularly if it contains foam. It’s always worth considering when buying…do you really want the old furniture? It might seem a good deal to have it included in the price and this is fine if you are going to use it as it is…but remember it can be a hassle to get rid of!

There are quite a few choices of large department style stores in Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz, Graz and Vienna.

Furnishing your Austrian property

Dining Tables and chairs

The popular stores with the Austrians are Kika, Lutz and Mobilix. These tend to be on the outskirts of the large cities.They are department stores with all the furniture you could need for a house or apartment, plus there are bedding, bathrooms, carpet, flooring, lighting, general furnishing items and decorating supplies etc. So all in all…everything you need can be bought under one roof!

One of the nice things about the service aspect of Austrian stores is that they lend you a van to take the stuff away…and all you pay for is a day’s insurance cover (around 15 euros)..not bad eh? All you need is your driving licence. The fuel is also free but they do ask that you stay within a 50km limit and return the vehicle within a few hours.

furnishing your austrian property

Wall unit

Should you not have the time to spend furnishing your Austrian property or going shopping for the necessary items, we can help.

Catherine, is our in-house Interior Designer based in Austria. She has many years experience in the upgrading and modernising of Holiday Apartments and Houses. She knows all the department stores and suppliers, plus the best times to buy those furniture or lighting bargains!

Email here for more information.

Many clients want furniture or furnishing with that extra special design or those hard to find items – you might find what you are looking for at our Italian storeLOVE THE SIGN

And… we cannot forget IKEA, as they seem to be a worldwide name and are just as popular here in Austria…we know because their stores seem to be filled all day, every day of the week..barring Sunday of course!

We tend to shop at the Ikea store in Salzburg on Thursday or Friday evenings..this is when we have found it to be the quietest and you are able to shop more relaxed, rather than dodging hundreds of trolleys crammed with self build furniture!

The largest chain of Furniture stores in Austria seems to be XXXLUTZ. This store provides a good range of furniture from cheap and take it away to designer styles to special order.

But, if you do not have the time or do not fancy trudging around various department stores, we can organise all furniture purchasing for you. Our Interior designer can advise on styles, colour schemes and of course what is most popular with guests…this ensures you get good bookings for your holiday apartment.

She can also arrange all the purchases and ensure she is at your holiday home for when your furniture is delivered.

Furnishing your Austrian Property – Upgrading or re-tiling Bathrooms and Toilets.

banner image bathroom tap

Holiday makers booking a property now expect that apartments have the same feel as Hotel rooms. Renovating bathrooms and toilets can make such a difference to the rentability and obviously the resale value of your property.

Furnishing your Austrian Property – Upgrading or re-tiling your kitchen

Furnishing your Austrian property


This area of renovation can be kept to a budget in Austria by using IKEA, Kika or Lutz. There are also the large DIY Store, such as Bau Haus or Bau Max for supply. We have a local professional tiler and kitchen installer who, working with our Interior designer will make your new dream kitchen a reality.

Need your furniture delivered to Austria or just a part load?

We can recommend our colleagues at PSS removals: https://www.pssremovals.com

PSS INTERNATIONAL REMOVALS are the UK’s first choice for Moving Overseas and have successfully helped thousands of customers move to many destinations throughout the world.

They are a family run company and their goal is to ensure your family receive a friendly, professional and stress free move overseas. They have specialised in international removals for over 31 years.

So.. whether you are planning on sending a full or part load for household removal, excess baggage or even a vehicle, they recognise the importance of ensuring that their customers receive the same level of care and attention that we would expect ourselves. Use our code to get your free quote and special client discount for Austria: AA/JCF/Austria

Need furniture removal within Austria?

We have a local service we can recommend. This is a small local family business based between Salzburg and Bad Ischl. They can move anything you might wish. They offer very good rates at only 85 Euros per hour (plus dreaded vat!) for van and 2 men to move your furniture, belongings or even do pick ups for you from local furniture stores.

Our clients have used their services and are very happy. Any questions you may have please contact us and we will do our very best to answer them.

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