Wooden Chalet in Austria – New Build

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Wooden Ski Chalets

We can offer a selection of  new build ‘Wooden Chalet’ homes.

We have listed some of the most popular, which you can choose off-plan or create your own bespoke size and add design features to suit you and your family’s lifestyle… the images above show a small selection of the options in a little more detail along with the plans. 

There is a Show House in Lower Austria, where you can visit.  For something more bespoke, you can sit with the Builder and design your own ski chalet!

Our next Chalet project is in Lower Austria near to river rafting & ski.

wooden chalets

It will consist of of 20 wooden chalets, each with 2/3 bedrooms. choose from 65 mtrs to 90 mtrs.  Prices including plot from 299,900 euros.


Wooden Chalet Prices Guide. 

A fully constructed and fitted out chalet with all flooring, kitchen, bathroom. toilets etc

Our smallest wooden chalet holiday home is 36 sq mtrs, making it a very viable option for a holiday home costing under 100,000 euros! ( plus your land plot of course). 



56 sq metre chalet would cost 156,400 euro plus land plot.

 68 sq metre chalet would cost 186,200 euro plus land plot.

88 sq metre chalet would cost 239,200 euro plus land plot


Quick to erect, as the chalets are created in the workshop, then brought to site.


wooden chalet

Start of the construction, putting all sections in place.

wooden chalet

Adding the roof joists.

wooden chalet

Tiling the roof to weather proof the chalet

wooden chalet

Putting the final touches to the build

Reduce the price:

If you are a DIY enthusiast or builder, then the house can be constructed and left as an empty shell for you to complete. This has the advantage of saving the costs of labour, although you still need to get certain things signed off…such as the electrics and plumbing. This is for safety reasons and also that you can insure the house!!

You can decide on the level of finish and what you would prefer to do yourself  i.e. you can install your own flooring, bathroom etc, to save on build costs.  This is obviously a cheaper option and a good way to keep within a budget. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or for more information.

Land plots.

You can choose your own private land plot.  Most are on the edge or near to small villages, so all connections for services are readily available and have the outline planning permission from the local Gemeinde.

It only needs a request for the type of building to be constructed on the plot and you are ready to build.

We have limited land plots available on our website but we can help you find a suitable plot working together with our Austrian colleagues, if you are interested. But, remember if you are hoping for a plot beside a ski area, it will not be cheap!


To see a selection of land plots and prices , click here: Land plots 

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