Steiermark-Renovation property in Mariazell

Modernisation property near ski at Mariazell

The house was renovated and extended in 1988. It has been vacant for the past few years and is now in the process of ongoing renovation and modernisation. This is a good opportunity to purchase a bargain!

Mariazell is a famous village in the Austrian region of Steiermarkt. (Styria)

The village has it’s own large ski area the Mariazeller Alps.  It is also an all year destination because of the Mountain lake for open air concerts and the Famous Basilica.

Mariazell renovation

It is a site of pilgrimage for Catholics from Austria and neighboring countries. The object of veneration is an image of the Virgin Mary reputed to work miracles, carved in lime-tree wood. This was brought to the place in 1157, and is now enshrined in a chapel adorned with objects of silver and other costly materials.

The large church of which the chapel forms part was erected in 1644 as an expansion of a smaller church built by Louis I, King of Hungary, after a victory over the Ottoman Empire in 1363.

Ski Area

The cable car is situated at the edge of Mariazell and gives access to the varied ski area. This is approx 8 minutes drive, from the property.

renovation mariazell

Ski area at Mariazell

The Cable car is open so in Summer, there are concerts at the Mountain lake ‘Bergsee’ Fantasic to watch an open air concert on a mountain top!

Mariazell renovation

Lake on top of the mountain

The river Salsa is nearby and ideal venue for rafting and kayaking, the new sports in high demand by weekend visitors.

The house has 3 floors, the 1st floor is currently configured as two x 1 bedroom apartments (family house), the ground floor has a garage and various rooms and the attic is not converted. 

150 sqm on each floor, in total 450 sqm with 924 sqm land.

There is parking and the land extending up behind the house belongs to the property.

Location: 8632 Mariazell (Gußwerk), Hauptstraße 6.

Large house: Total 450 sqm, on 3 floors with 924 sqm land

There is parking for 4/5 cars.  The land, extending to the side and up the hillside, behind the house belongs to the property.  This can make a great terraced garden area.

The property is at the village of Gusswerk on the outskirts of Mariazell, approx 8 mins fro ski area.

Price: was €115,000  – now reduced to 105,000 for quick sale – the perfect renovation bargain for the DIY expert…and a price that does not break the bank!  We have local builder/handymen available for those who prefer to just oversee renovations.

Both Linz and Vienna airports are approx 2 hours drive.

Also available for purchase by non EU citizens.

Plans for a renovation/conversion are available on request. The planned renovation is to reconfigure the property into 2 x 1 bedroom apartments, 5 ensuite bedrooms plus other usable space on the ground floor.

This is only one idea for the property but obviously the house could be renovated to whatever suits the buyer…either Rental apartments or guesthouse.

Location Info
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