Holiday village homes for rental income

Holiday home Chalets for income.

Holiday home for income

Homes near lake

Your own Holiday chalets for income, for Summer and winter use, whether you prefer ski or lakes and mountains. Prices from 199,000 euros for 2 bed/ 2 bathroom chalet.

Two projects for Holiday chalets for income, are in planning for 2020: One in Lower Austria in the Hockar ski region and one in Steiermarket Graz region.

The Scenic Hochkar is Lower Austria’s highest ski resort at 1,800 m above sea level. It is a place where families have a fun on 19 km of slopes and freeriders enjoy, while deep powder enthusiasts get a charge of adrenalin.

Lower Austria’s highest ski resort and the one with the most reliable snow cover is a big draw to visitors with its varied slopes and countless highlights on and off the runs.

Happiness in the snow for skiers and snowboarders
For Holiday chalets for income in Hockar area, the Snow cover is reliable at 1,800 m above sea level, so ski bunnies and ski pros will each find just the right downhill run for them. Hochkar has everything skiers and snowboarders could want. From the varied Fun Park and wild mogul runs to a small fairytale forest, there is something for everyone.

Ybbs Valley Saltwater Baths

Saltwater and sauna paradise for the whole family.

Float in the warm brine water and feel your everyday cares slip away. With its diverse array of swimming and sauna facilities plus great sports and wellness offerings, the Ybbs Valley provides sports and recreation for the entire family.

A short holiday getaway far from everyday routines awaits visitors big and small. In the soothing 32°C to 34°C brine water, you feel as if you were on the Dead Sea. This thermal springs resort leaves nothing to be desired, offering great activities for kids plus relaxation and feel-good islands for adults.

Thermal diversity for young and old
Whether you are a fit athlete, a boisterous water lover or a relaxed bon vivant, the vast complex of pools with adventure slides and an appealing range of sauna and wellness offerings lets you put together an individualized lineup of activities for your stay in no time.

From adventure pools to tranquil gallery
Ybbs Valley Saltwater Baths provide entertainment and action but also wellness and therapy:

  • Fresh water sports pool with massage and aerator lounge chairs
  • Exercise pool with underwater massage jets
  • Outdoor pool with in-floor jets, swim channel with counter current
  • Children’s pool with snake slide and Ybbs Valley express slide
  • Resting spaces indoors and out
  • Amethyst, salt, crystal and pine sauna
  • Brine steam bath
  • Sauna relaxation pool, diving pool, special showers
  • Emotional Life Center for wellness and therapeutic treatments

The Lower Austria project is for an exclusive mini village with 20 Wooden chalets.

which will be 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms, but a larger 3 bedroom chalet is possible on some of the plots.

The area has a tourism demand that outstrips the current accommodation available. THis means that rental demand is high particularly for chalets as opposed to apartments. The chalets can be managed for owners if required and potentially returning an income of up to 15% ROI, in high seasons.  So your own holiday home with an income to offset all the running costs.

Nearest airport is Linz blue danube.


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