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Austria rounds up terror suspects

Austria Police round up suspects!

On Monday morning, police officers and intelligence agencies carried out raids in four federal states against people and associations that are supposed to support the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. This was announced by the Graz public prosecutor. More than 70 suspects are being investigated; 60 apartments, houses and business...

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Austria curfew

Austria brings in a Curfew and much more!

In Austria exit restrictions come into force – the exponentially growing numbers of infections make the new lockdown necessary, argued Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) on Saturday. The federal government has presented the most important key points. DER STANDARD newspaper answers the most important questions about lockdown, which are...

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Austria tourism

Catastrophe threatens Austria’s winter tourism

Catastrophe threatens winter tourism After travel warnings from Germany and the Netherlands for parts of Austria, tourism professionals fear for their existence. There is still a time window to save the season. It was expected and hits the tourism industry to the core. Germany has announced that after Vienna,...

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austria news

Lockdown or not…. to save the winter season?

Lockdown to save the winter season? Hotelier divides the country! Christian Harisch receives a lot of criticism for his approach to a “lockdown light”, but also receives approval: “Otherwise the industry is dead,” says another hotelier. A small, invisible virus is putting Austria’s major winter sports to its greatest...

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Under 18 weddings

A ban on under 18 marriage?

The ÖVP (Austria Peoples Party) has now put pressure for a ban on the marriage of minors. There is much pressure in Austria to ban the marriage of minors, which are mainly in the immigrant community. But it is an interesting political position to take, when the young can...

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Austria News update

What now for property in Austria?

What now for property in Austria? Well, the main property market has gone a little price crazy, which for Austria is so unusual. This has been fed by locals putting their money into property as the zero interest % at the banks depletes their funds! So, prices have been rocketing this...

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Austria-Germany, the best of fremenies

The difference between Austrians and Germans, the Viennese actor Christoph Waltz once observed, “is like the difference between a battleship and a waltz.” “Germans always go for a head-on collision, it rarely has grace, humility or rhythm” Waltz told a talk show interviewer, thrusting a fist into his palm....

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We have taken enough says Kurz

The Chancellor argues that Austria has already taken in 3,700 children this year – but the terminology is confusing with regard to Moria Camp in Greece. Should children be brought to Austria from the burned down Moria refugee camp? A sharp debate has arisen over the past few days...

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ski chalets

Property madness in Austria

Most expensive apartment, most expensive house: concrete-Gold knows no more limits. Real estate madness in Austria: While the average Austrian wonders in which city you can actually still afford to buy a house or apartment, the prices for the mega-real estate of the super-rich no longer know any limits....

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