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Austria Entry regulations

Austria update Entry Regulations

Entry Regulations for Austria Austria has tightened its entry rules due to the outbreak of the Omicron variant: Travel for touristic purposes is possible for vaccinated and recovered people. However, additional documents may be required. Read on to get all the details. Last update: 5 January Everyone else entering...

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Austria stokes fear

Is Austria stoking fear of British tourists?

On Sunday 28 planes from Great Britain landed in Austria. Vienna and Salzburg. checks on passengers at Innsbruck could be slack. So is Austria stoking fear of British tourists? The rush is enormous. On Sunday alone, 28 planes from the omicron high-risk country of Great Britain landed in Austria....

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Freedom at Xmas

Austria gives some freedom for Xmas!

Freedom now also for unvaccinated at Christmas & New Year’s Eve!! Over the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve celebrations, the de facto lockdown is to be removed for unvaccinated. Meetings of up to a maximum of ten people without 2G proof are permitted.  On New Year’s Eve, the...

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Mandatory vaccination

Offical draft of mandatory vaccination law!

Official draft of mandatory vaccination law: The law is to be in force until January 2024. There should be a penalty for doctors who issue certificates of convenience, Up to 3,600 euros fine, even for doctors with a certificate of convenience Obviously, unity is the order of the day...

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Vienna Historic apartment houses

Vienna property market back to growth!

Vienna apartment house market back at pre-crisis level After a small Corona-related dip, the Vienna apartment house market is now literally flooded with money again! According to  latest apartment houses market report, 677 million euros were invested in apartment houses in the first half of 2021, which was 50...

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Get vaccinated

Austrians offered prizes for Vaccination!!

Get vaccinated and win! Whoever gets vaccinated wins! Well…it had to happen sooner or later. In our me want something society, it was the way to get people interested in getting vaccinated. Here is the offer from the News paper and TV OE24. As a thank you to all...

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Spitting Image

German version of “Spitting Image” !

German version of “Spitting Image” on Sky: 16th September “Krauts’ Edition” In the “Kraut” version, the latex dolls made in England also come up with a puppet of the the Austrian chancellor – it launches 16 September on Sky. It has already cause dcontraversy in Austria becase of the...

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