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Austria population increase

Non Austrians increase the population.

Austria’s population has grown to almost 9 million! Burgenland, Vienna and Vorarlberg are growing the most. But, without people who have non-Austrian citizenship, the population would have shrunk. “Austria continues to grow,” said Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas. It is expected to reach the nine-million mark in the...

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Tirol bashing

Tyrol bashing?

Tyrol against the rest of the world: The deep traces of the Corona pandemic! Instead of full employment, there is record unemployment. And instead of being a tourist magnet, it is the bogeyman due to misconduct and harsh rhetoric. How did it get this far? In addition to thousands...

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Tradition, tourism and traditional costume:

Why Tyrol has a problem with criticism! The tone in the mountains is sometimes rough. It would be appropriate to be critical of the country’s Corona policy – even in tourism. Criticism is not a welcome guest in the Tyrol. But since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the...

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Britain buys more vaccine

Britain orders more Austria-French vaccine

The British order with the French-Austrian company has been increased. Negotiations are also underway with the EU. The vaccine is still to be licensed there in 2021. The UK has increased its order for the planned Corona vaccine from the French-Austrian company Valneva from 60 to 100 million doses....

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Electric cars Austria

Austria take up of electric cars.

In nine districts in Austria, the share of e-cars in new registrations exceeded ten percent in the previous year. The frontrunner is Vienna city with 14.4 percent. Outside Vienna, the Upper Austrian district of Kirchdorf an der Krems has the highest e-car share, ahead of the Carinthian district of...

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news update

Tax Evasion – Amazon service providers

Austria Financial police uncovered illegal work and tax evasion at Amazon service providers. Misconduct was found at 130 of 133 companies checked. Following a large-scale raid at Amazon’s distribution center in Großebersdorf in February 2020, the financial police have now taken further action against Amazon service providers. In the...

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