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Austria cash society

Austria, country of coins and cash!

Land of coins, land of notes: Why Austrians love cash Cash is a hot potato in Austria, and restrictions are not appreciated. What fuels this attitude? Is it still justified in the 21st century? Discussions about restrictions on cash are like a sting in the wasps’ nest to Austria....

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Kurz and the media

Is the Austrian media being repressed?

Sebastian Kurz, the made-for-Instagram Austrian chancellor who rose to prominence by harnessing the power of social media, is racing to take back control of his story.   Facing uncomfortable questions at home about his manhandling of the press and a tsunami of political scandals, Kurz is due to travel on...

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proeprty price increase

Are Property prices about to increase in Austria?

Prices for building materials explode – as construction struggles with bottlenecks and costs Wood, steel, insulation materials – building materials are in short supply and are becoming increasingly expensive. Companies are suffering from the cost explosion, and even home builders are not likely to be spared for long, which...

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Austria MEP complains about EU

‘EU ruined trust’ Austria MEP rages!

Austrian MEP Roman Haider let off a furious rant at the EU slamming the bloc for a campaign that has badly damaged the bloc relations with the UK for the future. Austrian MEP Roman Haider slammed the European Union in a furious rant at the multiple failures of the...

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Future city

Is this the City of the Future?

Is the city of the future full of Tinder and Amazon? This article is a longer read; If we shift our lives more into digital space, what will the city of tomorrow look like? This is the question that Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer are trying to address. The...

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Was Austria a paradise for War criminals?

  Austria under National Socialism describes the period of Austrian history from 12 March 1938 when Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany (the event is commonly known as Anschluss) until the end of World War II in 1945. Austrians were generally enthusiastic supporters of union with Nazi Germany. Throughout...

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House of kurz

Is the House of Kurz, crumbling?

House of Kurz A sweeping corruption investigation has destroyed the Austrian leader’s fresh-faced image. Sebastian Kurz, a political wunderkind who became Austria’s leader at just 31, rose to power by cultivating a youthful, do-gooder image that endeared him to young and old alike. And then he went rogue. A...

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Astra zeneca

Are Austrians shunning Astra Zeneca?

Asta Zeneca: Thousands of vaccination cancellations in eastern Austria. Many do not want to keep their vaccination appointment because of the uncertainty. In the west, there have been only single vaccination cancellations so far. Astra Zeneca’s Corona vaccine is not getting out of the negative headlines. This week, no...

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Germany bans at border

German border bans against Tyrol lead to a scandal.

Despite 2,906 new infections, as of today, in Austria, EU health ministers remain divided on Astra Zeneca vaccine. German border bans against Tyrol lead to a scandal. Vienna even summons the ambassadors. Tyrol. With strict border management, Germany wants to prevent the spread of the South African mutation from...

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