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Fatal shooting in Austrian army barracks

Fatal shooting in Austrian army barracks

Fatal shooting in barracks: officer arrested When photographers arrive at the airfield barracks in Wiener Neustadt shortly after the crime, military police officers are just hanging the entrance with camouflage nets. The police investigation is already underway at this time. At 6:55 a.m. Friday, several shots had been fired...

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People smuggling mafia

The truth about the people smuggling mafia

In 2022, 687 traffickers were arrested in Austria – twice as many as in 2020. In the previous year, 687 traffickers were identified, reported and mostly arrested in Austria. More than 300 of them in Burgenland alone, the main route of trafficking crime leads via Hungary to Austria. After...

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Bat Mobile eletric

New British Batmobile

McMurtry Spéirling: Electric Batmobile Accelerates to 100 km/h in 1.4 Seconds The racing car, which is not yet ready for series production, achieves a peak power output…the equivalent of 1,000 hp Climate change requires concessions even from superheroes. Even Gotham’s unofficial top law enforcer, better known as Batman, is...

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Russian spies in Vienna

Russian Spies in Vienna

Russian spy arrested in Vienna: 39-year-old is apparently a diplomat’s sonGreek citizen of Russian descent. The Son of a diplomat, and apparently a spy who was on assignment in Austria for years on behalf of Russia! It is well known that Russia has a dense network of spies in...

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Chicken farm

Accusations against Austrian poultry farmer

Animal rights activists make serious accusations against Styrian poultry farmer A chicken fattening company that supplies retailers such as Lidl is facing charges of animal cruelty. About chickens trimmed for high performance and farmers fighting for every penny. A red forklift truck drives along a billowing white mass of...

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Austria is isolated

Austria is Isolated

Croatia joins Schengen area, Bulgaria and Romania blocked by Austria Border controls to be dropped for Croatia at the beginning of 2023 – Austria’s veto on Bulgaria and Romania heavily criticized. Brussels – The way is clear for Croatia to join the Schengen area without border controls. This was...

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Red Bull Protest

Red Bull gives Putin wings

Members of the group ”Ukraine Solidarity Project” spread a huge poster with the inscription ”Red Bull gives Putin wings”. @RedBull doesn’t want anyone talking about how they’re still operating in Putin’s Russia (other companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola have pulled their drinks). So we came to their HQ in...

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Austria Advent markets

Austria Christmas Advent markets

The Christmas Advent markets are opening all over Austria, so we give here an example of our own Advent at our lakeside villages of Wolfgangsee…so that you can share the magic. The villages of St. Wolfgang, Strobl and St. Gilgen are ablaze with Christmas spirit. An infinity of lights...

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Defense: What does Austria’s neutrality allow?

The government wants to examine participation in Europe’s Sky Shield defense system. How this could be reconciled with neutrality and where Austria is already cooperating with NATO Austria is a neutral country. Every child learns that in school. The concept is old, but apparently perennially popular. in a STANDARD...

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