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Climate change Austria

Climate Change also affects Austria

We are not spared from the climate crisis The climate crisis is showing its effects. The last weeks were marked by rain, cold temperatures and even snow. Now the number on the thermometer is rising again abruptly. At the beginning of next week it is supposed to get up...

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Raids on Mask suppliers

Raids at mask manufacturer- ‘Hygiene Austria’

Another large-scale raids at mask manufacturer Hygiene Austria Prosecutor’s Office confirms searches at 15 sites in Austria. Raids by officials from several authorities led by the WKStA took place at 15 locations in several provinces, according to a press release from corruption prosecutors. According to media reports on Wednesday...

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Vienna Historic apartment houses

Vienna property market back to growth!

Vienna apartment house market back at pre-crisis level After a small Corona-related dip, the Vienna apartment house market is now literally flooded with money again! According to  latest apartment houses market report, 677 million euros were invested in apartment houses in the first half of 2021, which was 50...

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Get vaccinated

Austrians offered prizes for Vaccination!!

Get vaccinated and win! Whoever gets vaccinated wins! Well…it had to happen sooner or later. In our me want something society, it was the way to get people interested in getting vaccinated. Here is the offer from the News paper and TV OE24. As a thank you to all...

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Spitting Image

German version of “Spitting Image” !

German version of “Spitting Image” on Sky: 16th September “Krauts’ Edition” In the “Kraut” version, the latex dolls made in England also come up with a puppet of the the Austrian chancellor – it launches 16 September on Sky. It has already cause dcontraversy in Austria becase of the...

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New speedong regs

New speeding regs start 1st Sept

Starting this Wednesday ist Sept, tougher penalties will apply in Austria for dangerous speeding. On September 1, the amendment to the “speeding regulations” comes into force. The changes in the Road Traffic Act and the Driver’s License Act relate primarily to the massive exceeding of speed limits in local...

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Austria news

Austria won’t take in any more Afghan refugees

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has ruled out taking in people fleeing Afghanistan, saying that it won’t happen during his chancellorship.  Kurz told Austrian broadcaster Puls 24, in an interview published Sunday, that he was “clearly against the fact that we now voluntarily accept more people — that will not...

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Austria prices are only going up!!

On the famous Ski run, things are going downhill at breakneck speed, while real estate prices in Kitzbühel only know the other direction: things have been going uphill for many years. The Corona crisis has not changed that. Quite the opposite. “At the beginning of the pandemic, I already...

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