Border protection against more refugees and migrants!

Border protection

Border protection against more refugees and migrants!

The Austrian government is sending 400 additional soldiers to the external borders.

Interior Minister Nehammer wants to deport as many as possible to Afghanistan “as long as it goes on”

Vienna – The Armed Forces are increasing their assistance operations on the borders with Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. Around 400 additional soldiers, basic military servants and forces who were trained as part of the army’s internal campaign “My Service for Austria” are to support the police in apprehending migrants.

A total of 1,000 people should be on duty in the future. This was announced on Saturday at a press conference in the Rossauer barracks in Vienna. In 2021, border attacks “increased sharply”, and from January 1st to July 18th, 15,768 men, women and children had already been discovered in hiding. In 2020 as a whole, there were 21,700 seizures, including 200 people smugglers.

Interior Minister Nehammer criticizes the EU Commission: Austria must step up border surveillance, as the EU Commission is of no help to the member states affected by increasing migratory pressure, said Nehammer. “The commission is busy discussing distribution issues” – that is, which country should take in how many people !.

However, no consensus could be established on this within the Union. Rather, there is agreement among more and more member states on measures to limit the number of refugees and migrants in the EU. This is where the Interior Minister brought the situation in Afghanistan into play. It is important to deport as many Afghans as possible to their home country “while that is still possible,” he repeated statements in interviews with a number of daily newspapers on Saturday.

Asylum system “failed”

In it the minister described the European asylum system as “failed”; a statement he repeated at the press conference. And should the situation in the Central Asian country turn over – which the US Pentagon does not consider unlikely within the next six months!

According to Nehammer, the question should be asked: “Can Afghans apply for asylum in Austria?” Their escape route goes through ten or more countries, so after reaching the EU they are no longer refugees, but “can be described as migrants,” said the minister.

Fear of refugee movement to the EU

In fact, there are fears in a number of EU states that a wave of refugees from Afghanistan might reach Europe if the Taliban again take power there. A strong movement of refugees to the EU should be avoided at all costs. According to Nehammer, this group of states includes Austria, “Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands”, as well as the Visi-Guard states.

The discussion about reforming the European asylum system is currently on hold. The Commission has been on summer break since last week. Further negotiations are expected in the autumn.

Opposition criticism:

For a year and a half, the asylum numbers have been rising. Currently there are more than 100 illegal migrants per day! “In view of these skyrocketing numbers, Nehammer has overslept for at least a year.” The interior minister should work to ensure “that there are no more asylum applications in the EU, unless someone comes from a direct neighboring country,”

Kurz failed

The SPÖ saw today’s announcement as an “admission by the ÖVP that Kurz (Federal Chancellor Sebastian,) has completely failed in the policy against illegal migration. The Balkan route is not closed,” said security spokesman Reinhold Einwallner. Robert Hergovich, the club chairman of the SPÖ Burgenland, hit a similar notch as Einwallner: “Instead of cosmetic measures, a reorientation of the Austrian asylum policy is urgently needed.” His party colleague, Governor Hans Peter Doskozil, has already indicated the necessary direction several times with non-European procedural centers.

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