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Falsifications and Truth:

What can be confirmed regarding the Butcha Crimes – and how? Russia is making efforts to dispel evidence of war crimes in the Kiev suburb of Butscha. However, the efforts are not convincing so far. The accusations are many, and the evidence seems clear: war crimes occurred in the...

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Is Austria a spy hotspot

Is Austria a spy hotspot for Russia?

According to insiders, Austria plays an important role in the covert activities of Russian intelligence services. Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s espionage activities in Western countries have come even more into focus. According to several insiders, covert operations by the Kremlin have increased to such an extent in...

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Austria neutrality

Austria’s accession to NATO: for and against!

While Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) has already spoken out clearly in favor of neutrality, discussion has flared up in recent days about how Austria should position itself. What is your position on this? Anyone who enjoyed Austrian school education in the past decades was usually confronted with the concept...

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Political debate on neutrality in Austria

Like former armed forces commander Höfler, ex-ÖVP (Austria Peoples Party) National Council President Khol advocates joining NATO, while the SPÖ Social Party A\ustria) wants a commitment to neutrality. Vienna/Kiev/Moscow  The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine is also sparking a debate on Austria’s neutrality.   Former National Council President Andreas...

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Gondola ski accident

Media Frenzy about skier who fell from gondola!

Media frenzy about skier who fell from gondola Even the Alpine police were amazed: something like this had never been experienced in Tyrol before.   Tyrol. As reported by ÖSTERREICH 24, the spectacular accident happened at the Schatzbergbahn in Wildschönau while leaving the valley lift station: A 28-year-old ski...

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Putin wedding

Putin-sympathisers in Austria

Putin-sympathisers in Austria: “a Genius political chess player” with disappointed feelings!From ex-chamber of commerce president Leitl to former foreign minister Kneissl to SPÖ deputy Duzdar The word “Putin-understanding” is booming again. Even during the escalation of the situation in Ukraine in recent days, some prominent figures from politics and...

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Connections to Moscow

Austria ex-politicians connections to Moscow

The partly lucrative connection of Austria ex-politicians to Moscow While Russia’s head of state Putin is increasingly becoming a threat to Europe, former top domestic politicians hold supervisory board mandates in Russian corporations! For years, Austria’s relationship with Russia has been subject to critical scrutiny. The high point was...

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Mandatory vaccination

To Compulsory vaccinate or NOT?

Will there be: Compulsory vaccination only for a few? Is compulsory vaccination coming, or is it not? It has actually just been passed by a broad majority in the National Council, but it is still highly controversial and also politically. At present, no one in the government can or...

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