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House of kurz

Is the House of Kurz, crumbling?

House of Kurz A sweeping corruption investigation has destroyed the Austrian leader’s fresh-faced image. Sebastian Kurz, a political wunderkind who became Austria’s leader at just 31, rose to power by cultivating a youthful, do-gooder image that endeared him to young and old alike. And then he went rogue. A...

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Astra zeneca

Are Austrians shunning Astra Zeneca?

Asta Zeneca: Thousands of vaccination cancellations in eastern Austria. Many do not want to keep their vaccination appointment because of the uncertainty. In the west, there have been only single vaccination cancellations so far. Astra Zeneca’s Corona vaccine is not getting out of the negative headlines. This week, no...

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Germany bans at border

German border bans against Tyrol lead to a scandal.

Despite 2,906 new infections, as of today, in Austria, EU health ministers remain divided on Astra Zeneca vaccine. German border bans against Tyrol lead to a scandal. Vienna even summons the ambassadors. Tyrol. With strict border management, Germany wants to prevent the spread of the South African mutation from...

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Alcohol in Austria

Legal drinking age in Austria 16!

Why and how the legal minimum drinking age works in Austria In Upper Austria, minors can easily get hold of alcohol. However, alcohol abuse among young people also depends on the legal minimum drinking age! If you want to explore alcohol consumption, take a look at Austria.  Not only...

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self testing

Will there be access tests for going shopping?

Will there be access tests for going shopping? The opposition wants to delay a change in the law until June. Whether a mandatory test for customers would nevertheless be permissible is disputed. There should be access tests in non-vital trade in eastern Austria between April 7 and 10th. After...

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Will austria cars lose all value

Will Austrian cars lose all value??

Austria Car lobby writes to Kurz: No end to the internal combustion engine! Auto Industry representatives argue with the stated CO2 balance of internal combustion engines. They also fear an early loss of value for millions of cars in Austria. Vienna/Aurora/Laakirchen – The plan by the federal government and...

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self testing

Austrian supermarket sells personal corona tests

Austria has been pretty good with it’s corona testing as many free testing centres were set up around the country, for example in tourist offices and supermarkets. Now an Austrian supermarket retailer is selling self tests. Of course they are not valid for general exemptions, such as travel or...

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Austria world champion tester

3,357 New corona Infections!

There is a high figure of 3,357 new infections in last 24 hours The Corona infection numbers are rising again in Austria. This mirrors what seems to be happening in Germany. Within 24 hours, 3,357 new infections were recorded throughout Austria. So far in total, there have been 504,581...

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