Austria’s President caught breaking lockdown rules.

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Austria’s President caught breaking lockdown rules.

Over the weekend, the President of Austria, was caught in a Vienna restaurant, with his wife, after legal hours. The restaurant owner had gone home and left the couple in the restaurant!  This has caused some consternation in Austria to say the least.

The Federal President is protected from prosecution by his office, but the evening in the Italian “Sole” restaurant could be expensive for his wife Doris Schmidauer:  At this moment they face a possible penalty of € 3,600.

“There are very clear guidelines”, the top Viennese lawyer Dietmar Heck (Boran law firm) now looked at the current “Prima Causa” of the republic for oe24.

Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen will go unpunished (as reported exclusively): The Vienna Magistrate as district administrative authority will impose an administrative penalty, but the head of state is protected from persecution by administrative authorities due to his function – unless the National Council and the Federal Council jointly decide that he will be persecuted can.

For his wife, with whom Van der Bellen met at Italian restaurant “Sole” in the city of Vienna, things are not looking so good, said lawyer Dietmar Heck: “According to the Covid 19 Measures Act, entry was into a closed permanent establishment. Anyone who commits a corresponding administrative violation must be fined up to € 3,600.

” It can be assumed that the wife of the Federal President will not feel the full harshness of the law – however, the Magistrate’s Directorate in Vienna City Hall does not want to issue a specific statement on this case.

According to lawyer Dietmar Heck, the innkeeper must also face a heavy fine: “Of course, the owner of the restaurant should not have just gone home, he is responsible for complying with the official requirements.

” The restauranteur might actually have to pay a fine of up to € 30,000. said Lawyer Heck: “And if a guest refuses to leave, the police have to be called.” But if the Federal President sits at a table for too long, a landlord will certainly think twice, before insisting he leaves.
There will be lots more about this story to come out….
Source + Photo: Oe24
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