Austrians offered prizes for Vaccination!!

Get vaccinated

Austrians offered prizes for Vaccination!!

Get vaccinated and win!

Whoever gets vaccinated wins!

Well…it had to happen sooner or later. In our me want something society, it was the way to get people interested in getting vaccinated. Here is the offer from the News paper and TV OE24.

As a thank you to all those who have already been vaccinated and as an incentive for all those who have been vaccinated by October 15, we are giving away 1000 prizes and 1000 euros cash every day.

Tell us why you have been vaccinated, enter the date of your vaccination and you are ready to play – 50 prizes are waiting for you every day and 1000 Euro cash every day!

You can find out what you can win HERE!

Playing is very easy!

Fill out the form below, tell us why you are vaccinated and when your vaccination date was or is and you will participate in our vaccination lottery!

Every day you will find the winners in ÖSTERREICH or on! If you enter a nickname, it will be displayed instead of your name.

All winners will be contacted by us!

Source: OE24

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