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Salzburg’s residents often fail to notice the unique charm of the Old City – a backdrop that’s easily overlooked in every day life – until their guests are enraptured by its breathtaking beauty and start looking for a Property purchase.

Austria property purchase

Salzburg Fortress

Property prices in Salzburg are very high.

6,800 euros per sq mtr in the city centre to 4,400 euros in the suburbs…So…what is so special about property purchase in Salzburg that makes it expensive? For one, its convenient location. The Salzach River, flowing from the Prealps in the south, winds through the city as its historic lifeline and separates it into two halves, the so-called left and right banks of the Salzach.

The left bank of the Salzach is the “older part” where ancient Roman settlements once stood. The Nonntal Bridge, Mozart Footbridge (pedestrians only), State Bridge, Makart Footbridge and Mülln Footbridge (both for pedestrians only) connect the two sides of the city.

The Old City is picturesquely surrounded by the Mönchsberg, crowned by the Fortress which is visible for miles, and the mighty Capuchin Mountain on the right banks of the river. Salzburg residents find the term “mountain” slightly exaggerated since both of the city’s mountains have extensive walking paths to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours.

A mountain walk is very worthwhile since it affords one of the loveliest panoramic “postcard views” of the city.

Salzburgland property


lies on the river Danube at 266m above sea level, being industrialised it’s property is cheaper than other cities. Property prices 4,100 euros per sq mtr in City centre and 3,500 euros in suburbs.

Austria property purchase

linz skyline

Property purchase in Linz. Where the river breaks between the Kürnberger Wood and the Mühlviertel. The withdrawal of the crystalline from between the Kürnberg, Pöstlingberg and Pfenningberg has formed a bay, a semicircle to the North traced by the course of the Danube.

Several terraces lie to the South, up to the point where the Traun meets the Danube around 7 kilometres below the city centre. Of these a higher, well-developed lower terrace served as a terrace for ancient settlers.

The castle and the western outskirts are built on higher, early ice-age terraces. The area around Linz shows signs of dwelling since fourth millennium B.C. The Romans built a fortification here in the first century called Lentia.The Name Linz (together with St. Martin’s Church) is first documented in a deed from the year 799.

Until into the 20th century Linz was a provincial city economically defined by small and medium-sized enterprises. The main impulses for the development of the city came from the salt trade through inter-regional fairs and above all from the thriving textile industry of the 18th century. The first Textile factory in Austria was founded in 1672.

Upper Austria Property


is the combination of imperial flair that radiates from every corner of the city, so of course the Capital city is the most expensive to live in and property purchase prices. 14,500 euros per sq mtr in centre and 11,300 in the suburbs.

Austria Property Purchase

Vienna landscape

Property purchase in Vienna. Walk in the footsteps of the Habsburgs, visit the splendid baroque Schönbrunn and Belvedere Palaces, or stroll along the magnificent Ring Boulevard and take a look at the heart of the former vast Habsburg empire, the Imperial Palace.

Get a sense of the luster and glory of the old empire by visiting St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Spanish Riding School, the Giant Ferris Wheel at the Prater, as well as the sarcophagi in the Imperial Vault.

The beautiful and celebrated Empress Elisabeth has long since become a cult figure. The Sisi Museum in the Imperial Apartments of the Imperial Palace compares the myth and the facts.

Among the highlights are numerous personal objects once owned by Elisabeth as well as the most famous portraits of the beautiful empress.


is famous for its high quality of life and stands out as a vital business location, so being near to the Italian border is is desirable not only as holiday property but for liviong as the life style is more relaxed. Property purchase prices are 3,800 euros per sq mtr in city centre to 3,500 per sq mtr in the suburbs.

Austria Property purchase


Property purchase Graz. It is a centre of science, research and culture and is a recognised University city.

The year 1128 is distinctive in Graz’s history. It marks the first reference to the city in a historic document.

In 2013 the Grazers celebrated the 885th anniversary of this important point in their history. In 1379, Graz was designated the capital of Inner Austria, an area comprising Styria, Carinthia, Krain, Inner Istria and Trieste. As such, Graz became the residence of the Hapsburgs until 1619.

Property in Steiermarkt


is very popular for those working in the tourism industry..particulary winter ski!

With the proximity to Kitzbuehl, proeprty purchase prices are again high.. 6,900 euros per sq mtr in city centre and 5,400 euros in suburbs!

Austria Property purchase


Property purchase Innsbruck. The main thoroughfare of the Old Town is the broad strip of Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse, which eventually opens out into a central plaza lined with arcades. Beyond, a labyrinth of alleyways invites aimless strolling.

The Golden Roof was built by Archduke Friedrich IV in the early 15th century as the residence of the Tirolean sovereigns. The Golden Roof actually is the three-story balcony on the central plaza at the heart of the Old Town.

The late Gothic oriels are capped with 2,738 gold-plated copper tiles. It was constructed for Emperor Maximilian I to serve as a royal box where he could sit in luxury and enjoy tournaments in the square below.

Property in Tirol

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