Austria to have Nationwide lockdown!

Corona explodes

Austria to have Nationwide lockdown!

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) had already traveled to the Tyrolean Achensee on Thursday evening to discuss the further course of action with the state representatives gathered for the state governors’ conference. On Friday morning, they now appeared before the press. And this is how things will continue in Austria from Monday 22nd November:

  1. lockdown nationwide for all, i.e. unvaccinated and vaccinated (from 0 to midnight) – for 20 days, evaluation after ten days, possibly return to “lockdown for unvaccinated” after 20 days.
  2. schools remain open, schedule remains in place. However, parents and guardians will have the option to leave their children at home without a note. A parent’s excuse is sufficient; no doctor’s certificate is required.
  3. vaccination offensive: third dose for vector vaccines recommended from the 4th month; third dose for mRNA vaccines possible from the 4th month; shortening of the green passport from 1.2.2022 at the latest.
  4. tightening controls as well as increasing penalties.
  5. home office recommendation for all.
  6. home office in federal service.
  7. FFP2 mask requirement in all enclosed spaces, including workplaces.
  8. initiation of a legislative procedure (incl. review procedure) for the introduction of a general vaccination obligation with promulgation of the corresponding law in the first quarter of 2022 – taking into account a required constitutional deadline for operational implementation. The vaccination obligation is to apply already starting from 1.2.2022.

Salzburg and Upper Austria have on Thursday already proclaimed the lockdown for everyone in these two states from Monday 22nd November.

Schallenberg and Mückstein had already traveled to Achensee in Tyrol on Thursday evening to discuss the next steps with the state representatives gathered for the state governors’ conference. Resistance to an Austria-wide lockdown had previously been voiced in the ranks of the ÖVP:

Chancellor Schallenberg has repeatedly spoken out against extending the exit restrictions already in place for the unvaccinated to the vaccinated as well. In recent days, the ÖVP-led states of Lower Austria, Tyrol and Styria have also been unwilling to follow Salzburg’s and Upper Austria’s lead – but now an agreement in this direction is likely to have been reached after all.

The SPÖ-governed states of Carinthia, Vienna and Burgenland have shown solidarity with Upper Austria and Salzburg. Even before the outcome of the negotiations, they had already agreed to a lockdown for all, although Vienna and Burgenland at least have a much better grip on the fourth wave.

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