Austria take up of electric cars.

Electric cars Austria

Austria take up of electric cars.

In nine districts in Austria, the share of e-cars in new registrations exceeded ten percent in the previous year.

The frontrunner is Vienna city with 14.4 percent. Outside Vienna, the Upper Austrian district of Kirchdorf an der Krems has the highest e-car share, ahead of the Carinthian district of Hermagor. However, in order to achieve the climate targets in transport, the share of e-cars must increase more quickly than it has so far, warns the VCÖ.

“Tax breaks for diesel and for company cars with combustion engines are slowing down the necessary energy turnaround in transport,” says Drivers club Austria. The phase-out of diesel and gasoline is the third important pillar, in addition to traffic avoidance  to be able to achieve the climate goals in transport.

 In the overall balance, i.e. including vehicle and battery production, the CO2 emissions of e-cars in Austria are on average 55 percent lower than those of gasoline and diesel cars. If green electricity is used as fuel, emissions are even around 77 percent lower at around 58 grams per vehicle kilometer.

In addition, e-cars would not emit any exhaust gases that are harmful to health when driving. The dependence on expensive oil imports would also decrease, making the oil price fluctuations less of a problem.

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