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We have been advising clients for over 20 years, in person and online. We can offer you professional guidance and advice via internet Skype or Zoom chat, prior to any visit to Austria.

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All your questions answered for purchasing, renovating, renting a property or business in Austria. In addition our localNotar can guide for all legal aspects of property purchase and ownership in Austria.

Our UK offices are situated at Teignmouth in south Devon, South West England. We have been helping and advising clients to buy property and land, in Austria, for over 20 years.

In Austria our admin office is at Wolfgangsee, near Salzburg…so we can meet you for a property viewing in Austria.

It is easy to be tempted and want to invest in an Austrian property whilst on a ski holiday…snow, gluwein, log fires, apres ski…but what about the realities of a property purchase and owning property in Austria.

Legally all Purchase contracts must be in German language as that is the law. But It is surprising the number of people who purchase a property with no ‘English translation’ of the Purchase contract. You would not buy a property in UK, without fully understanding all the detail in the contract!

Nor would you make an offer to buy a property in UK unless you had your finance in place. It is the same in Austria! You need to have your finance in place or agreed before making an offer for that lovely chalet or ski apartment. For Mortgage and financing advice.

We get many emails and phone calls from people who have bought their dream ski property, only to find later there are rules that prevent them from using it as they require….of course as they have aleady signed for the property, there is little we can do for them! So, we cannot re-iterate enough, that you should always have a translation of the purchase contract and that you fully understand what you are buying.

Local agents want to sell a property, but you must remember they are working for the seller, even though you will pay them a commission for the purchase. In Austria, both the seller and the buyer pay a 3% + vat commission.

With our property consultancy services, we can, as your consultants, get all the necessary information and negotiate for you, to ensure the best purchase price as we work for you. It costs no extra, as you then pay us instead of the selling agent!

If you are considering to buy a property in Austria, we can make a full check with the local authorities that it is legally registered and it can be used for the purpose you want, such as holiday home, for private use, holiday rental or to long term let.

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Our Austrian partners are all qualified:

Our Mortgage advisor can arrange quotes from various banks to find the right finance to suit your situation. Please note that most banks require that you have an income in Euros, as this is part of financial regulations.

He can also advise on car insurance and car ownership in Austria.

Buying a car in Austria can be quite a challenge, as you need to get the registration plates before you buy the car!!

Our Property experts are qualified to offer a part or full written survey for a property. We can also check for planning permissions. The cost depends on size and situation of the property. Please request a quote.

The Language Translator is able to issue you with certified translations, acceptable in all areas of law. So, if a Notar you are using cannot offer this service…we can.

A fully and legally certified tanslation can cost between 450 – 750 euros, depending on the complexity.

Our Lawyer/Notar, can check all legalities for you for your peace of mind. He can also check a contract if you are already in the middle of a purchase. Cost is per professional hour for a report. Request quote.

For our personal property consultancy services:

Finding any problems before you commit.

Our property consultancy services, offer a Skype over internet, face to face virtual chat, to ascertain your exact requirements, answer your questions and advise you on properties and all the processes you need to know about making a purchase. This is cheaper than making a trip to Austria and finding out the problems when it is too late!

We offer a 30 min professional consultancy advice chat – £42 + vat – payments are with PayPal for your peace of mind..

for more information or to make an appointment to chat, please email us. with your requirements and questions.

We can meet you when you arrive in Austria and if required, can pick up at airport or rail station, if you do not want to drive yourself.

We can accompany you when viewing a property to ensure you understand, if the local estate agent does not speak English.

We can accompany you to open an Austrian bank account and make explanation or translation of services as required.

We can accompany you to Lawyer or Notar offices for contract signing, to ensure you understand fully, or make verbal translation and explanations as required.

Our professional daily rates start from as little as 190 euros per half day (9.00 -12.30 or 14.00 -17.30 ) + any incurred travel costs. A small price to pay for peace of mind. Email for more details.

If you are already in Austria. you can contact us at news@amazingaustria.com We will respond within 24 hrs.

Property search:

Property consultancy services: We work with many of our Austrian colleagues, and have access to their property lists. So you can also retain us to find for you a particular property in your desired area, Whether you are looking for a City apartment, Ski chalet on the slopes or a Guesthouse, Hotel or even a Castle! There is no charge for our property find service.

If you need foreign currency for a trip: Euro currency exchange best rates for our clients.

Euro exchange rates
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If you need foreign currency for a trip: Euro currency exchange best rates for our clients.

We are here to help make the whole process of purchasing a property in Austria stress free!

Please use our Contact Form to to find out more about our property consultancy services and to let us know about your particular requirements.