From Monday 21 Sept: new ten-person rule, earlier curfew and stricter rules

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From Monday 21 Sept: new ten-person rule, earlier curfew and stricter rules

Private indoor events are limited to ten people. The mask requirement in pubs has been expanded, curfew is at 1 a.m.

As you know, there are three new sets of rules that will come into force on Monday. The nationwide tightening is intended to further curb the spread of the corona virus – most recently, Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) warned that otherwise 1,500 new infections would be expected every day. The details are fixed in the regulation published on Friday.
Personal limits

The ten-person rule replaces some of the event requirements that have been in force since September 12: “For events without assigned and marked seats (such as standing events), the maximum number of people in closed rooms is 50,” it was said at the traffic light so far -Website for all colors (apart from red), now it says: “From September 21: maximum number of people per table: 10”. This is also regulated in the so-called Corona Relaxation Ordinance.

A special feature here: funerals are explicitly excluded from the new rule. Up to 500 people can be present here.

Another new feature of the regulation is that events with more than 250 people require official approval; even 50 people in closed rooms or 100 people outside require a Covid officer and a prevention concept.

The private space – i.e. your own four walls – remain untouched. That, says Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), would not be compatible with the constitution. However, the government recommends a maximum of ten people there too. However, when presenting the new rules, Kurz said that he was not assuming that most Austrians would have apartments that were so large that they could do much more.
Closed events

The curfew at 1 a.m. now also applies to closed events and is regulated by the fact that the following passage from the Relaxation Ordinance is omitted: “curfew regulations under this ordinance do not apply to closed companies if at least three days before the start of the event the operator of the restaurant or the Operator of the event location, the participants of the event are announced. It must be ensured that the establishment of the hospitality industry or the event location are only entered by participants of the closed society. “

As a reminder: Until now, closed events were excluded from the early curfew, which led to excessive parties in actually closed clubs. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) announced priority controls in all federal states in this regard.

Several things are changing in restaurants, cafes and bars: Firstly, guests now have to put on a mask until they are at their place, which is now also written down in the amendment to the relaxation regulation. And also that now only ten people are allowed to sit at a table. There was a similar regulation before, there were four people. The corresponding passage has now been adapted and reactivated. Incidentally, children are not included in the ten-person rule.

Incidentally, the fact that you are only allowed to eat and drink at the place was previously regulated: “The operator has to ensure that the consumption of food and drinks does not take place in the immediate vicinity of the dispensing point”, it said in the previous regulation text, and: “In closed rooms The consumption of food and beverages is only permitted while sitting at the administration points. “

By the way: according to the new regulation, the mask requirement also applies in shopping centers and markets.
Stricter rules in the countries and high penalties

The Minister of Health announced on Thursday that the federal states can also impose stricter rules. This is not yet reflected in the current legal situation, but should appear in the package of amendments to the Corona Measures Act, the review period of which ended on Friday. The hotly contested law is to be passed in the National Council on September 23; it would be in force until the end of 2021. However, it is still unclear whether all parties in the National and Federal Council will agree to this.

Anyone who does not adhere to the new regulations must expect severe fines: If the ten-person rule is disregarded indoors, the district administrative authority can set a fine of up to 1,450 euros after reporting to the police. The basis here is the Epidemic Act.

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