Austria in Lockdown for 3 weeks from 17th November.

Austria lockdown

Austria in Lockdown for 3 weeks from 17th November.

Lockdown rules:

According to the Austria ministry, only one individual can visit another household. The Ministry of Health specified the contact rules on Sunday evening.

A meeting of several people from one household with several people from another household is therefore prohibited. The contact provisions during the tightened lockdown, which will apply from Tuesday 17th, were refined by the government on Sunday evening.

According to the adapted “legal justification” of the Covid-19 Emergency Measures Ordinance, only one person in a household is allowed to meet or visit members of another household, regardless of their number. However, these must be “closest family members” or “important reference persons”. Previously unclear The Ministry of Health published an adapted version of the explanatory “legal justification” that evening. Accordingly – unlike on Sunday morning – it is not allowed that several members of one household meet or visit several members of another household. The interpretation of the regulation was previously unclear.

In the regulation announced in the evening, admissible private meetings are defined as contact with “individual closest relatives” or with “individual important reference persons with whom contact is usually maintained several times a week”.

Individuals who live alone are supposed to define a person they want to meet during the time of lockdown, the Home Secretary said. He reiterated that it was a matter of avoiding contact. The police can only control this in public spaces.

Who is it? According to the Ministry of Health, the closest relatives include parents, (adult) children and siblings. The question of who belongs to the “important reference persons” depends on a case-by-case assessment, the department said. Regular (physical) contact is required.

The holding of family celebrations or comparable social gatherings does not represent a “basic need of daily life”, these are not permitted. Contact with the grandparents is also permitted, provided that on the one hand they are close relatives and on the other hand, physical contact has taken place several times a week. In addition, contact with people in need of care for care and assistance is a permissible reason to leave the house.

Therefore, there are no restrictions in relation to caring for grandparents in need. Visits are also possible under the conditions mentioned, according to the FAQ of the Ministry of Social Affairs. “Visiting individual closest relatives or individual important caregivers, with whom contact is usually maintained several times a week, is part of the exception ‘covering the necessary basic needs of daily life’ and is therefore permitted,” it says there.

At the same time, it is called for restraint: “Contact with other people should be restricted as much as possible.” short version To clarify the possibilities of visiting: From Tuesday it is allowed for an individual to visit several “closest relatives” or “important people” at home.

According to information from the Ministry of Health, however, it is not allowed for two or more relatives (or caregivers) to visit a person outside the household together – even if they live alone in the same household.

It is also clear that one does not have to define one or more individual people who one meets during the lockdown – each of them can be different people, provided that they fall under the terms “closest relatives” or “important reference persons”.

Basically, the government appeals urgently not to meet anyone and to reduce contacts to a minimum.

Source & Photo: Der Standard


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