Austria & Germany to open borders 15th June

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Austria & Germany to open borders 15th June


It will be a two-stage process in many places, said Chancellor Merkel yesterday.

Germany is preparing to relax the border regime imposed by the corona crisis. Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a “two-stage process” to party colleagues in the Bundestag on Tuesday.  From Wednesday, some German-Austrian border crossings should be opened for commuters and residents, but the full opening should still take a while.

It is important to her that border controls are not continued until “ultimo”, said Merkel on Tuesday, according to participants in a virtual meeting of the Union faction. Accordingly, the next step will be discussed in the German federal government on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, the EU Commission will present guidelines for a gradual opening of the border.

As the “Bild” reports, citing information from the Ministry of the Interior, the opening should take place gradually. The border controls should therefore be random. From June 15, the border crossings could already be completely open – without any controls.

Short call – first open border crossings in Upper Austria and Tyrol

The German federal police and the Austrian authorities agreed on the opening of several smaller border crossings. Upper Austria is about the Breitenberg-Hinteranger / Vorderanger and Voglau border crossings, which will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Bad Füssing-Obernberg (6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.).

The Salzburg border crossing at Großgmain-Bayerisch Gmain will also be opened, but only for commuters residing or working in these two municipalities or Bad Reichenhall. According to German information, the border crossings Reit im Winkl-Kössen and Oberjoch-Schattwald should be opened for Tyrol.

At its meeting on Wednesday, the German government wanted to discuss how to proceed with border controls. For example, it is being considered that the smaller border crossings that are still closed will soon only be checked at random.

A regulation is also under discussion that provides for a basic entry permit for residents of regions close to the border. In some German federal states, there are also plans to tip the Corona quarantine for travelers.

The same applies to Austria and Switzerland, said the German Chancellor after a phone call with Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP).

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