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Austria dine out voucher system

Perhaps the UK can take some notes from the Viennese experience of eat out vouchers to help re-build the hospitality sector.

Mostly good experiences have been related by Viennese restaurateurs accepting the vouchers.

Restaurants report only a few cases of abuse and complications.

An inn in Vienna-Donaustadt, the gastro vouchers and the associated food bills are already piling up. The landlord has so far not been able to redeem them. A representative of the Chamber of Commerce rushed in to support as they recognized the problem on Wednesday morning, because of an operating error. The submission of the vouchers was not completed electronically. Exasperated looks from the staff before relief prevails. The money should now flow…hopefully soon.

Wrong assumptions

What some hostss criticize is the sometimes poor level of information from guests about what can be settled with the voucher. “Some believe we get the difference between the bill and the voucher as a tip,” says the restaurateur. A wrong assumption, guests have to shell out any tips from their own pockets. There is no cash return for the voucher not fully used.

Delighted caterers

You can also pay with the Vienna Beislbons in system catering, such as the 51 restaurants of the McDonald’s burger chain in the city. “The feedback from our franchisees was very positive in the first few days,” spokesman Wilhelm Baldia reports. One of them is Rudolf Ringhofer, who operates three restaurants with around 160 employees in Vienna. He sees the initiative as great and after the corona lockdown, during which the employees were sent in short-time work, very helpful. There were no problems – many had used the voucher on site with the family, others had taken the goods home.

So, it will be interesting to see what becomes of pour UK efforts in August?

Source: Der Standard

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