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Mid September and into October is Oktoberfest. We are sure you have heard the term. It is a celebration of the harvest and the coming Autumn. So most Austrians dress up in their Sunday best (Trachten clothes) Dirndls & Leder hosen!

Image by Birgit Böllinger from Pixabay

We will be posting local photos of Oktoberfest as they become available.

Image – amazingaustria – Brass band concert in front of mozart fountain – st gilgen

Mozart Fountain. Always an attraction for the many Chinese tourists – anything to do with Mozart!

Image- P. Clarke – With Autumn the sunrises become more golden & misty!

Autumn is fast approiaching, as you can see by the above photo…but very beautiful all the same.

Image- Amazing Austria – Possibly seraching for German gold from WW11?
Image – amazing austria – Paraglider about to land after jump from the Zwoelferhorn mountain
Image – amazing austria – The Zwoelferhorn mountain attracts upwards of 30 paragliders all vying for some sky space.
Image- amazing austria – famous paddle steamer on lake wolfgang
Image – amazing austria – St Gilgen water front- Dancing fountain

Question from reader Tim: I recently went on a rafting trip to Austria. I was always greeted by locals with the words Gruss Gott?

I was never sure what this meant, so simply said hello in return.

AB– It means God’s greetings. It is a term used by older people and not so much by the young who tend to have drifted towards – Hallo, or Guten Tag/Morgen.

Why do Austrians have a penchant for driving in the middle of the road, particularly at night?

Could it be that there are no good roadside markings and they do not want to end up in a ditch?

AB -We asked a local. Below is their answer.

Mr S. – Wolfgangsee resident

“I have lived in Austria since 2008, and in all those years, it seems to me that the standard of driving has got worse. Perhaps it is the more powerful cars or that the drivers are getting younger? But the one thing I have found is that they all drive as if they are in an F1 race. They do not like to be behind you”.

“I have at times speeded up to maybe 20km above the speed limit but they still chase and want to overtake…which always seems to be on a bad bend when another car is comeing towards them!!

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