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May 2024

This time of year is the erection of the Maypole.

A maypole is a specially prepared and decorated tree trunk which, in this area, is installed the evening before 1st May. During installation process there is often a performance by the local folklore group. Part of the tradition is for a rival group to try to steal the maypole before it is erected. In the night before the installation it is, therefore, usually very well guarded.

March 2024

Easter is just around the corner at the end of March. All villages are preparing for Palm Sunday with elaborate decoration. This is another important religious event. Of course there are also the easter eggs for children. Besides the standard chocolate eggs are the pre-boiled and decorated eggs. They make a great snack if you are trying to keep off the chocolate!

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The Wolfgangsee lake candle – credit Wolfgangsee tourism

Well this weekend is the first advent Sunday..and we are pleased to say the Snow arrived, to make the Christmas Markets all that more magical. Our own Wolfgangsee markets are some of the most popular in Austria as one can visit all three that are around the lake. The lake ferry runs ov er the advent period taking rev ellers to all three villages. You can chose from St Gilgen, with it’s Mozart theme. Strobl with it’s Nativity crib and animals theme. Or St Wolfgang which attracts with it’s range of food and drinks, besides all the market cabins selling everything in the way of hand made Christmas decor!


1st November

All Saints’ Day services in the parish church in St. Gilgen.
9 a.m.: All Saints’ Day Service with music by the church choir St. Gilgen, followed by commemoration for the deceased at the war memorial.
2 p.m.: Commemoration for the souls of the departed, walk through the cemetery and blessing of the graves.

All Saints’ Day, is a solemnity celebrated on November 1 by the Catholic Church and several Protestant denominations, in honour of all the saints, known and unknown. In Catholic theology, the day commemorates all those who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven.

11th November

Krampus go Electro – https://www.abarena.at/

Krampus go Electro by the Abersee Perchten with Shany, DJ Valentiano Sanchez, Fine Ripp and DJ Adé at the Abarena in Abersee.


10.10.23 – Oktoberfest seemed more muted this year? So what to look forward to now…the 51st Wolfgangsee lauf of course! This is the 27km run around the lake, and very challenging it is!

It is scheduled for 14/15th October and attracts runners from all over Europe, and of course Wolfgangsee locals also.

There is the main marathon at 42km!! Then there are 3 sectors for the run. the full 27km for those fit enough, then there is the half lake run 10km for those less inclined but wanting to be part of the fun. Then last but not least Junior run and according to age group can be from 200 to 1200mtrs . Newly added is the ‘Panorama run’ at 5 km to enjoy the landscape, the Walk the 27km lake instead of running round it.

Mid September and into October is Oktoberfest. We are sure you have heard the term. It is a celebration of the harvest and the coming Autumn. So most Austrians dress up in their Sunday best (Trachten clothes) Dirndls & Leder hosen!

Image by Birgit Böllinger from Pixabay

We will be posting local photos of Oktoberfest as they become available.

One of the best ways to keep up to date with Austria is to listen to a radio station. Here is the link for Radio Salzburg brush up on your German!

Image – amazingaustria – Brass band concert in front of mozart fountain – st gilgen

Mozart Fountain. Always an attraction for the many Chinese tourists – as anything to do with Mozart is a big attraction!

Sunrise over the lake

Autumn is fast approaching, as you can see by the above photo…but very beautiful all the same.

Image- Amazing Austria – Possibly seraching for German gold from WW11?
Image – amazing austria – Paraglider about to land after jump from the Zwoelferhorn mountain
Image – amazing austria – The Zwoelferhorn mountain attracts upwards of 30 paragliders all vying for some sky space.
Image- amazing austria – famous paddle steamer on lake wolfgang
Image – amazing austria – St Gilgen water front- Dancing fountain
Image – Amazing Austria – Moon rise over wolfgangsee lake 28.09.23
Close up of the moon.
Photo- Amazing Austria – A good grape harvest this year.

10.10.23 – Autumn is now upon us and the evenings are drawing in, as dusk gets earlier each day!!

The colour fountain in Lake Wolfgangsee as dusk arrives
Wolfgangsee lake from the Schafberg Mountain- stunning!!

Question from reader Tim: I recently went on a rafting trip to Austria. I was always greeted by locals with the words Gruss Gott?

I was never sure what this meant, so simply said hello in return.

AB– It means God’s greetings. It is a term used by older people and not so much by the young who tend to have drifted towards – Hallo, or Guten Tag/Morgen.

Why do Austrians have a penchant for driving in the middle of the road, particularly at night?

Could it be that there are no good roadside markings and they do not want to end up in a ditch?

AB -We asked a local. Below is their answer.

Mr S. – Wolfgangsee resident

“I have lived in Austria since 2008, and in all those years, it seems to me that the standard of driving has got worse. Perhaps it is the more powerful cars or that the drivers are getting younger? But the one thing I have found is that they all drive as if they are in an F1 race. They do not like to be behind you”.

“I have at times speeded up to maybe 20km above the speed limit but they still chase and want to overtake…which always seems to be on a bad bend when another car is comeing towards them!!

Winter tyres will be required soon, in fact as from 1st November!

If you have had an interesting holiday experience in Austria, let us know.

For daily news in English from Vienna Times – What is happening in Austria.

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