Austria again bans flights

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Austria again bans flights

Flights from listed countries are no longer allowed to land in Austria

Landings of regular flights from the entire Western Balkans are prohibited in Austria as from Thursday 16th July.
In order to contain the coronavirus pandemic, Austria is relying even more on landing bans for aircraft from so-called “SARS-CoV-2 risk areas”. So far, planes from eight countries and a region of Italy were not allowed to land in Austria, according to a new regulation by Health Minister Rudolf Anschober, the list now includes 18 countries.

The only good news is for Italian Lombardy, which has removed Anschober from the risk list and from which airplanes will be allowed to fly directly to Austria again on July 16.

In Salzburg, the new regulation affects Wizz-Air connections. The airline initially removed flights from Salzburg to Belgrade, Tuzla, Skopje and Bucharest. In addition, an Air Serbia flight to Nis was canceled. Other connections that are also affected by the regulations will only start in October. Specifically, it is about flights to Varna, Kiev and St. Petersburg. Here Salzburg Airport hopes that there will be an amendment to the regulation before these connections start in August.

The entire western Balkans

On the other hand, the massive expansion of the ban to ten other countries can be considered a bang: From Thursday, aircraft from all countries of the Western Balkans, from Bulgaria, Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Egypt may no longer land in Austria. From this point in time, significant effects are to be expected on the reduced route network of Austrian Airlines: Current connections from Belgrade, Bucharest, Cairo, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Sibiu, Skopje, Sofia, Tirana and Varna to Vienna-Schwechat must be canceled at least until the end of July.

Nothing will change in the meantime for the countries already affected by the ban on landing: Flights from Belarus (Belarus), China, Great Britain, Iran, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and the Ukraine to Austria are still prohibited.

Landings from all listed countries remain possible in some exception categories. This includes flights in the interest of the Republic, but also aircraft landings that bring freight, the sick, Austrians to be repatriated, nursing staff or harvest helpers into the country.

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