Anger over Face Masks!

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Anger over Face Masks!

Buyers are annoyed about paid supermarket masks

According to the Ministry of Health’s decree, mouth and nose protection should be free. Is there a new regulation?

Those who shop in larger supermarkets have to wear simple mouth-nose protection – this has been mandatory since Monday 6th of this week. But while the masks purchased by the food companies at their own expense were given away free of charge by all chains in the preparation phase. Billa, Merkur, Bipa, Adeg and other businesses belonging to the Rewe Group now charge one euro each; a fact that not only leads to complaints but harsh criticism on social media.

At Rewe, the head of corporate communications Ines Schurin explains how to raise money with the necessary awareness. Last week, buyers had thrown away their masks, after leaving the supermarket – while at Caritas (children kindergartens) there is an acute shortage of masks!!

You save with free masks

The Spar group, however, does not want to be noticed such issues: “Until now, mouth protection for buyers remains free of charge from us,” says company spokeswoman Nicole Berkmann.

To date, this is exactly how the decree from the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of March 31 stipulates: “From availability, these mechanical protective devices must be made available to customers free of charge if they do not bring any mechanical protective devices themselves,”

Further decree apparently in preparation

A new decree, that allows a price to be charged, is in preparation. watch this space!

Source: Der Standard, photo: Apa / fohringer

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