A ban on under 18 marriage?

Under 18 weddings

A ban on under 18 marriage?

The ÖVP (Austria Peoples Party) has now put pressure for a ban on the marriage of minors.

There is much pressure in Austria to ban the marriage of minors, which are mainly in the immigrant community. But it is an interesting political position to take, when the young can cast a vote in elections from the age of 16!!!

Justice Minister Alma Zadic (Greens party) has announced it – ÖVP Integration Minister Susanne Raab is now getting into the topic .  Zadic is planning to tighten the ban on weddings under 18, currently courts can declare 16-year-olds to be old enough to marry. Raab wants to prevent that:

Marriages entered into under 18 should be invalid. Raab calculates that there are around 5,000 child marriages in Austria – among immigrants.

There should also be a marriage ban for cousins ​​- according to studies, there are several hundred cases per year. In such marriages there is a risk of handicaps for the children.

Raab says “We do not tolerate multiple, child or forced marriages in Austria. That is why these tendencies should be combated effectively. Raising the minimum age for marriages to 18 years is a sensible measure.

Source – Oe24

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